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I was looking for it too, and initially only found your question. I have found it now, its by Keane, and the song title is 'a bad dream'. Jon


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I just bought my heater core for my 1997 Ford Explorer 4x4 Sport for $60.00(Plus Tax) but I was surfing the web and found that you can order it in line with SPI or STANT from $29.00 to 32.00 plus shipping. Good Luck

I need to know what autos these filters can be used on. wix 33141 fram fuel filter G3802A fram oil PH2 Bosch 3421 microgard GL10241 Stant super heavy duty thermostat 180 F 82 C-45358 6609

The flasher module is about 2-3 inches below the headlamp switch. Remove the knee blocker from the instrument panel. Pull out the combination flasher slightly then unplug the flasher from the electrical connector. Remove the combination flasher. Use a Tridon Stant EP 27 Flasher or similar.

The 1997-2001 flasher module is located 2-3 inches below the headlamp switch. Remove the knee blocker, and disengage the retainer for the combination flasher electrical connector from the instrument panel mounting bracket. Pull out the flasher. A good replacement flasher is a Tridon Stant EP27.

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