What was the name for the Allied strategy to regain territory lost to the Japanese in the pacific?

The Original Strategy to fight Japan was code named "Orange." This formerly top secret plan (the US had a plan for nearly all main power nations, Germany's plan was code "Black') was geared to fight Japan "at sea", moving closer to her main islands (home land) then engage in one big decisive "Armageddon" type battle. This plan was based upon the use of "Dreadnaughts" (Battleship Fleets). The plane was designed before the coming of the aircraft carrier & nuclear weapons. The actual WWII fighting involved an "Island Hopping" campaign; designed around the world's new weapon, the aircraft carrier. This strategy involved "hitting them where they ain't." Instead of having a blood bath on every fortified Japanese Island, they would by pass them (hop over the islands-Island Hopping). Only fighting for the Islands that were absolutely necessary for advancing towards the Japanese Empire itself.