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What was the name given to Great Britain France the Soviet Union and the US during world war 2?

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allied powers
They were called the Big Three: The US, The Soviet Union in the Allied Forces. The French took a backseat and were not part of the nomenclature, The Big Three. The French were allies with the Brits.

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What nation was an ally of the United states during world war 2?

Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and France

Who were the allies of The United States in both World l and World War ll?

Great Britain, France, and Canada. Major allies during WWl were France, United Kingdom, Russia, US Major allies during WWll were US, France, Great Britain, Soviet Union

Who were Mussolini's enemies?

the u.s. great Britain soviet union France

What 4 nations occupied Germany during world war 2?

The Soviet Union, Great Britain, France and the United States.

Who were all the allied powers?

U.S., Great Britain, France and Soviet Union

What countries controlled parts of Berlin?

France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union

Who fought with France in ww1?

Great Britain, Soviet Russia and United States.

Who where the allied powers during World War 1?

France, Russia, Great Britain, Italy, Serbia, Japan, Greece, and the Soviet Union.

Who were the alliance of Great Britain Soviet Union US and France during World War 2?

The Us formed and Alliance with Great Britain and the Soviet Union. together the three countries led the Allies in the fight agains Axis powers (Germany, Italy and Japan).

What is allied countries?

They re the united States Soviet Union France and Great Britain.

Who wer the allies?

The Allies were The US,China,Great Britain,France, and the Soviet Union.

Why did the federalists admire great Great Britain but distrust franec?

they didnt trust France because France was an allie of great Britain during the 18th century.

What countries were considered the Allies?

France, USA, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and MANY OTHERS

Who were the major victors in World War 2?

The US,Soviet Union,France,Great Britain.

Who were Americas main allies in World War 2?

Great Britain, France, Soviet Union.

Who were the alleis in world war 2?

The United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union.

What party was Great Britain involved in during World War 2?

Great Britain was an allie in world war 2 same with France, The Soviet Union, the United States, and China The Axis Powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Nations siding in war with great Britain?

during WWI the nations siding in war with great Britain were France,Japan, Italy, and Russiaduring WWI the nations siding in war with great Britain were France,Japan, Italy, and Russia

What are the allied countries?

I assume you're talking about WWII. They are the USA, Great Britain, Soviet Union, and France.

Who gained control of germany after world war 2?

The US, Great Britain, Soviet Union, and France.

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