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Q: What was the name if the place Moses in animal farm?
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What is the allusion in Animal Farm?

There are several examples of Allusion in Animal Farm. The name 'Moses' is the name of the raven who represents religion. The name 'Napoleon' represents Stalin, who was a cruel dictator just like the original Napoleon.

Where was the battle site in Animal Farm?

In the book 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell, the battle took place in the Cow-Shed, hence the name "The battle of the Cow-Shed".

What is the name of the farm in the book Animal Farm?

Manor Farm

The original name of Animal Farm was?

Manor Farm

What is the name of the home for farm animals?

An animal farm

What place would Animal Farm Represent?

Animal Farm reprecents the URSS, because ANIMAL FARM was the name given after the revolution.Manor Farm reprecents Russia because it´s the name given during the tsar (Mr. Jhones) mandatefor more questions please contact mauro_14_15_16@hotmail.comI´m lloking forward to hearing from you

What was the name of the farm in George Orwells book?

Animal farm

What could be another name for Animal Farm?

Manor Farm.

What is the original name of the farm which is the setting of the novel Animal Farm?

Manor Farm

What is the farm called in 'Animal Farm'?

Originally, the farm was known as 'Manor Farm' but after the animals rebelled against their owner, Mr. Jones, they changed the name of the farm to Animal Farm. Then, in the end, the pigs changed the name back to Manor Farm, signifying that only the aggressor had changed, not the situation.

What does animal farm symbolize in animal farm?

It symbolizes Russia, and how it turns from the "Manor Farm" into the "Animal Farm" and back to "Manor Farm" refers to how the name of the country went from Russia, to the Soviet Union, and back to accepting "Russia" as a legitimate name for the country.

What is the name of the farm at the end of Animal Farm?

After first being named Manor Farm, then Animal Farm, the farm eventually ends up being named The Manor Farm.

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