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Allah's (God's) final prophet is prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Name Muhammad may be spelled Muhammed, Mohammad, Mohammed, Mohamed, Mohamad, or Mehmet

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well he is allahs messenger

Prophet Muhammaad (SAW)

The last and final God Prophet is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)The last and the final Prophet is called Prophet Mohammad (SAW)

numberology of Allahs names

Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the last and final prophet.

prophets are ALLAHs (God's) messengers, sent to propogate the message of Islam. Prophets are NOT saints and should NOT be worshipped.

Muhammad was called the final prophet because according to Muslim theology after him there was no prophet to come.

Muhammad (PBUH) is the last final prophet of God, almighty.

the final prophet of Islam was prophet mohamed (SAW)

Allah (SWT) last Prophet of Islam was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

the prophet whom the final revelation was given to was Muhammed (peace be upon him and his family).

makkah is a place located in Saudi Arabia. Also the prophet muhammed (saw)was born there. The reason people go there is to pray in the holy mousqe there called hajj which is allahs first home built on earth. Hajj was made by the prophet ibrahim and his son ismeel.

because the 100th name of allah is very powerful can do anything make dua with it will true and wish.

well first of all its a Muslim name and its meaning is ' god's( allahs) true light! :P

Prophet Muhammad (Ahmed) Peace be upon him, is the last and final Messenger from Almighty, check your Bible its says that a person by name Ahmed will come as last and final messenger follow him; said by Prophet Jesus peace be upon him.

Who's the name of the Islamic Prophet? Well that's Prophet Muhammad

The name of the first prophet was ADAM. The first man and the first prophet....

No. But a name of a prophet was Malachi

Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of Almighty Allah, there will no more prophet going to come to this earth with new message. so, its the duty of Muslim to believe Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger of Allah.

Mohammad was the prophet of Islam. Muslims believe that Mohammad is the final prophet of Allah. Jews and Christians do not accept Mohammad as a prophet.

The name of the blind prophet is Tiresias.

St. John the Baptist was the final Prophet before the Coming of the Christ.

The name of Muslims Prophet is Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H their god is Allah

Allah has no beggining + no end.

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