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Royal Armoured Corps (RAC)

Royal Air Force (RAF)

Royal Navy (RN)

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What was Stalin's code name during World War 2?

His US military radio communications code name was Glyptic

What was the Name of Soviet Military Intelligence During World War 2?

Verify to be certain, but I think it was the NKVD.

What was the name of a desert boot worn by the British military during the Western Desert Campaign during World War II?

The name of the desert boot worn by the British military during the Western Desert Campaign of World War II was the chukka desert boot. They were usually made of calfskin and had a rubber sole.

Name french military bases used in the french revolution?

Algerian was the name of of the french military base used. This is during the French Revolution.

Name 2 military advances first used during WW1?

Two military advances first used during WW1 were weapons and tactics.

What were Ghana's military forces?

An irrelevant name during the cold war.

What is the name of a world war 2 noncombat female?

If the woman is in the military she is called by her rank. If she is not in the military she is called a civilian.

What was the name of the u.s. military academy during the civil war?

The US Military Academy has been at West Point since 1802.

What is paolo nutini mum mum and dad name?

their mum's name is britain and their dad's name is bhangra so BRITAINS GOT BHANGRA

When was Operation Barbarissa?

Operation Barbarossa was the code name given by the German military for the invasion of the Soviet Union during World War 2. It officially began on 22 June, 1941.

What was the name or the Germany military group in world war 2?

The NAZI party was a political party. The SS was a German military group.

What is the Name of military prison in US?

Fort Leavenworth is the US Army's primary, and most famous military prison, aka military stockade during the Vietnam War, amongst US servicemen.

How did Trench Coats get their name?

Trench Coats got their names because they were originially designed for use in the Military during the World Wars and were worn in the trenches. As such when the article of clothing was transferred to civilian use it kept the name Trench Coat.

Who is alec in World War 1?

Alec is a common name. Thousands of young men with that name served in the military.

What are three important military figures for the allied forces during World War 2?

I would have to say George S. Patton I could name 1millian others but I am not sure who was most important.

The name of the US army newpaper during the Vietnam War?

US Military newspaper: Stars & Stripes

What is currency name of Germany during world war 2?

Germany's currency during World War 2 was the Reichmark .

What is the name of a military prison in the US?

What is the name of a military prison in the US?

Where did the name tank come from?

The name of the armored military vehicle originated in Britain during World War I. When they were designed, they were called landships, but that was considered too descriptive. They were then designated as water carriers to hide their true purpose. This led to them being called tanks.

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