What was the name of Charlie Brown's piano player?

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Schroeder is the character who plays the piano. Lucy, Linus's sister, spends a lot of time leaning on Schroeder's piano, listening to him play, and talking about marriage in the future.
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What is Chris Brown's mother's name?

Chris Brown's mother's name is Joyce Hawkins. . Chris Brown's mother's name is Joyce Hawkins and his father's name is Clinton B rown he live in California

What is Chris Brown's whole name?

Answer . Christophe Maurice Brown . Chris Browns Real Name is . Christopher Maurice Brown. AKA. Chris Breezy. And y'all call yourself his fans LOL

What is Chris Brown's cousin's name?


What is the name of the Cleveland brown's mascot?

Brownie (old style) or CB, Trapper, Chomps and TD (the four Pound Puppies currently).. The former "mascot" is the little elf depicted on a number of older style hats, etc. His name was, oddly enough, "Brownie." The newer mascots of the Cleveland Browns are four POUND PUPPIES named: CB (for Clevelan ( Full Answer )

What are the names of chris brown's cousin?

Aaliyah Pollard, Diamante Pollard,Margie Pollard,Terron Pollard,Ronnie Pollard and most of the other Pollard's from New Jersey and Delaware but Aaliyah Pollard has recently moved to NC and visits at times but you can follow her @obey_my_swaggg on instagram

What are Chris Brown's parent's name?

Chris Brown's parent's names are Joyce and Clinton. Joyce is aformer day care center director and Clinton, a prison correctionsofficer.

Names of pianos?

I don't know about names , but there are many different types of pianos. There are upright pianos, baby grands, grands, concert grands, etc. There are also electric keyboards and digital keyboards that are like pianos without hammers.

Why doesn't Charlie Brown's teacher talk normally?

In Charlie Brown, only kids are allowed to talk at any given point and time. If an adult is required to talk, you can't understand them, because that is exactly how Charles Schulz wrote his comic strips. It is part of the culture icon and the way Charles Schulz created Peanuts.

What are Chris Brown's nick names?

hi,this is chris browns cuz.and really his nickname is chris cuz his whole name is christopher but people call him breezy,and chris breezy.i just call him chris

What was the name of Buster Brown's dog?

The dog's name was Tighe or Tige (pronounced like the first part of Tiger), don't know the spelling for certain. I did once win a set of radio station coffee mugs answering this. It was in the ad song: "Here's Buster Brown, He lives in a shoe, Here's his dog Tige, He lives in there too"

Who was Charlie Brown's girlfriend?

Charlie Brown had one official girlfriend and two sort-of girlfriends: Peggy Jean - for about two years in the early-1990s. Charlie Brown first met her at summer camp in 1990, and she appeared intermittently in the strip until mid-1999, a few months before the strip ended. Because of Charlie Brow ( Full Answer )

What is Charles I Brown's middle name?

Ignatius was his middle name as any Phi Beta Sigma man (except perhaps Bill Clinton) could tell you - and some Zeta Phi Beta sorors.....................

What was Charlie Brown's mom name?

None of the grown-ups never appeared in the comics. They might say "Wah-wah-wah" but you never saw them. The children spoke about their parents, but no names were mentioned. Charlie Brown's dad was a barber, but nothing about the mother.

Can Charlie Sheen play the piano?

yes he can, i used to be one of the producers of two and a half men and i can tell you that he did play the piano

How do you play charlie brown on the piano?

Go to www.youtube.com and type in charlie brown theme song...i found this one in a few seconds: Learn the Charlie Brown Theme! (Piano)...link here: . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2O1VuVyReY&feature=related

What is Charlie Brown's age?

Well Charlie Brown can be any age from 8-12! It's really up to you! But if your talking how old he REALLY is then he is 62! His "birthday" being on October 2, 1950. You can thank one of my FAVORITE comics to Charles M. Schulz for creating such a wonderful and pitiful, Charlie Brown. My resource is e ( Full Answer )

Who played the piano music for Charlie Brown?

Most of the music was written and performed by Vince Gauraldi. The most memorable piece with the driving left handed piano part under the melody is actually called "Linus and Lucy".

What is Molly Brown's full name?

Molly's Real name is Margret Mary Tobin Brown. Although she is widely known now as "Molly", she was never called that. It wasn't until the musical: The Unsinkable Molly Brown came out that she was called that, and she had already died by then. Her maiden name was Tobin, and when she was married, B ( Full Answer )

Where is Charlie Brown's back yard on great pumpkin island?

Charlie Brown's back yard is the area left of Main Street, with Snoopy's dog house at the far left. Although you see him in front of Linus and Lucy's house, you do not see him again until you have completed getting a pumpkin for Lucy from the pumpkin patch (right) and after you have gotten your o ( Full Answer )

How do you get to Charlie Brown's house on great pumpkin island?

Charlie Brown's house is not seen, but his backyard (with Snoopy's doghouse) is to the immediate left of Main Street, which includes . the Flying Ace Cafe . Van Pelt home (Lucy and Linus) . Violet's house (the Halloween party) . and the Peanuts store.

When will Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving air in 2010?

In 2010 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' will air Thursday November 18th and Thursday November 25th , from 8 to 9 PM (Eastern/Pacific) both nights ; check your local TV listings .

Where is Charlie Brown's house on Great Pumpkin Island?

His house is not seen on Main Street, but the area to the left of Main Street is his backyard. The blue house is the Van Pelt house (Linus and Lucy). The yellow house is Violet's house, where the party is held.

How do you get to charlie brown's backyard on great pumpkin island?

Charlie Brown's back yard is to the left of Main Street, with Snoopy's dog house at far left. You will not find anyone there until you have completed the pumpkin patch scene: roll the pumpkin to Lucy's house, go outside and give the bag to Pigpen, then give the sucker to Linus. Now you can play t ( Full Answer )

What is Jerry brown's full name?

Jerry Brown's full name is Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown, Jr. The 34th and 39th Governor Of California.

What were baseball player Charlie Brown's batting stats for 1897?

In 1897, Charlie Brown played in 4 games, batting in all of them. He had 11 at bats, getting 3 hits, for a .273 batting average, with 1 runs batted in. He was walked 0 times. He struck out times. He hit 1 doubles, 0 triples, and 0 home runs.

What were baseball player Charlie Brown's total batting stats for 1897?

In 1897, Charlie Brown played in 4 games, all for the Cleveland Spiders, and batting in all of them. He had 11 at bats, getting 3 hits, for a .273 batting average, with 1 run batted in. He was walked 0 times. He struck out 0 times. He hit 1 double, 0 triples, and 0 home runs.