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Dustin Hoffman is still famous for the role he played in 1967: Benjamin Braddock, the confused young man in The Graduate (opposite Anne Bancroft). Since that smashing start he has developed a reputation as a brilliant actor and also as a star with a classic Hollywood ego. Perhaps the ego is deserved: he has twice won the Academy Award as best actor, for Kramer vs. Kramer (1979, with Meryl Streep) and for Rain Man (1988, with Tom Cruise). Other notable movies of Hoffman's career include All The President's Men (1976, with Robert Redford), the cross-dressing comedy Tootsie (1982), the famous flop Ishtar (1987, co-starring Warren Beatty), and the political satire Wag The Dog (1997, with Robert DeNiro). Hoffman starred with John Malkovich in the 1984 Broadway production of Death of a Salesman... Hoffman is no relation to his fellow Oscar-winning actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman.

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Was the Graduate Dustin Hoffmans first movie?

No, according to IMDb he made a number of TV appearences before he appeared in The Graduate and an appearance in the role of Hap in movie The Tiger Makes Out, released in the same year as The Graduate (1967) but listed before it. For a full list of his movies see the link below.

For which Dustin Hoffman movie did Simon and Garfunkel compose the soundtrack?

The Graduate

What is that movie where older women seduce young?

the graduate? with Dustin hoffman?

What movie of Dustin Hoffman did Simon and Garfunkel compose the soundtrack?

The Graduate

Dustin Hoffmans character takes a fall?

Are you wanting to know what movie this happens in? You might be thinking of Midnight Cowboy, where he played a crippled street bum; he gets really sick toward the end and takes a spill down the stairs on his way out of a rave.

Which major movie starred Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman?

The Graduate (1967).

What is the Dustin Hoffman film featured in 500 days of summer?

It is the movie, The Graduate, likely the film Dustin Hoffman is most known for.

Who played Norman in the movie the graduate?

There is no character named Norman in "The Graduate" (1967).

What happened to Dustin Hoffman's character in the movie 'The Graduate'?

He was seduced by Mrs. Robinson - (his dad's business partner's wife) but then falls in love with her daughter. He crashes her daughters wedding and they escape on a bus.

In the movie Rainman who was Dustin Hoffman's character favorite judge?

Judge Wapner

In what movie did Dustin Hoffman play a character named rizzo?

Midnight Cowboy

What is the movie in which Dustin Hoffman played a card counter who had autism?

'Rainman'. Dustin Hoffman plays the character of Raymond, who is an autistic savant.

What is the exact type of car that Dustin Hoffman drives in the movie The Graduate 1967?

Dustin Hoffman played Benjamin Braddock in The Graduate.Benjamin drove a red 1967 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600. The model is also known as a Duetto.

In 500 days of summer what is the movie with Robert de niro that summer cries at?

The Graduate and it's Dustin Hoffman

Does Dustin Hoffman star in a movie called The Hero?

Yes, Duston Hoffman stars as the character "Bernie Laplante" in the movie The Hero. He stars alongside Geena Davis and Andy Garcia. Dustin Hoffman did star in The Hero. He played the character "Bernie Laplante". This movie is available on DVD or BluRay.

Who is the lead character in the movie Rain man?

The lead character in the movie Rain Man is Raymond Babbit, played by Dustin Hoffman. He is being accompanied by his brother Charlie Babbit, played by Tom Cruise.

What is the name of the movie with a monkey name Dustin?

Dustin Checks In

Which airline does Dustin Hoffman's character in the movie rainman say is the worlds best?

He correctly points out (at the time) that Qantas has never had a fatal crash.

In Fifty Shades Darker why does Ana call Elena Mrs Robinson?

Ana is referring to the movie The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman. The movie is about an older woman who seduces a younger man. The older woman in the movie is named Mrs. Robinson.

What is Simon and garfunkel's song Mrs obinson about?

Middle-aged married woman having an affair with a young man. From the movie "The Graduate" starring a young Dustin Hoffman and Ann Bancroft.

What is the name of the movie where the guy is in prison and his wife is cheating on him with the lawyer?

"Papillon" (1973). Stars Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman's character is the one cheated on.

Who starred in the movie Tootsie?

Dustin Hoffman

What is a sentence using the word exemplar?

A movie star like Dustin Hoffman is an exemplar of a great actor; he was convincing as Ben in "The Graduate", Ratso in "Midnight Cowboy", Dorothy in "Tootsie", and Raymond in "Rainman".

Dustin Hoffman won the Oscars in 1988 for which movie?

Dustin won the Oscar, for his very funny role in, "Tootsie."

What was Dustin Hoffman's best movie?

The Rain MAn