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What was the name of Harvard University before becoming Harvard University?


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Harvard University was formerly New College until in honor of its first benefactor and English pastor John Harvard it was renamed to Harvard College in 1639.

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John Harvard donated books to the University.

The noun 'Harvard University' is a singular, compound, concrete, proper noun; the name of a specific school, the name of a place.

It is officially incorporated as "The President and Fellows of Harvard College".

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The noun Harvard University is a singular, proper, concrete noun; the name of a specific place.

Occidental College, Harvard University, & Columbia University.

i as an individual believed it to be HARVARD UNIVERSITY in ENGLAND ^^ This is completely incorrect. Harvard University is in Massachusetts, not England. Though Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford all run closely for most prestigious university in the world, I would think Harvard has the most prestige and clout amongst academia.

Actually, yes. There is a Harvard High School in Harvard, Nebraska. Harvard is also, of course, the name of the world-renowned university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

It was originally named the Harvington-Ardmanschmidt College, and Harvington-Ardmanschmidt was contracted to Harv-Ard, then Harvard.

For the US Harvard University was the first one

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The team name for Harvard University athletics is the Crimson. Unofficially, their mascot is John Harvard, an Englishman for whom the school is named after.

Harvard's color is crimson. Their athletic department's name is "The Crimsons". Their most well known newspaper is "The Harvard Crimson".

Yes. John Harvard (1607-1638) gave half of his money and his personal library to the school when it was first built. In return, the school was named after him.

If the name of a college were under copyright that means that you could not open your own college and use the same name. There is already a Harvard University, you cannot open another Harvard University. But you can certainly write a book about Harvard University, if you so desire. Copyright doesn't mean you can't write about something.

Harvard College, 1636 - founded on an endowment from John Harvard, an alumnus of Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, England.

There are a number of famous people by that name. The Irish writer taught at Stanford University.

"Facebook" is named after a book used at Harvard that contained a profile of everyone attending that university.

yale, harvard, cornell , columbia, brown, princeton, dartmouth and the university of pennsylvania.

The name of the Harvard football teams is the Harvard Crimson.

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The eight Ivy League's institutions are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University.They place near the top in the U.S. college and university rankings.

Yes, becauseit is a proper n ou n. Example: Lourdes School of Makati Harvard University

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