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His first snake was named 'Damien'. When he returned to the WWE in 1996, his new snake was named 'Revelations". He returned to the WWE as a real life born again christian. Part of his new gimmick was to preach passages from revelations

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In the TV Show, May's character was first voiced by Veronica Taylor, who was later replaced by Michele Knotz.The following list represents May's Pokémon and their respective voice actors:Torchic and Silcoon - Rachael Lillis;Combusken - Darren Dunstan (later replaced by Bill Rogers);Blaziken - Billy Beach;Skitty and Glaceon - Megumi Hayashibara;Wurmple and Bulbasaur - Tara Jayne;Beautifly - Rachael Lillis (later replaced by Michele Knotz);Squirtle - Eric Stuart (later replaced by Michele Knotz);Wartortle - Craig Blair;Munchlax - Darren Dunstan (later replaced by Billy Beach);Eevee - Kayzie Rogers;Ivysaur - It wasn't seen in the show;Venusaur - It wasn't heard.

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The first camera was a simple point and shoot camera of the DX series. This was the first camera compatible with the EasyShare Camera Dock, it was later replaced by the CX series.

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Vice President Spiro Agnew was replaced by Gerald Ford, who later replaced Nixon as president.

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