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Matt Damon (my favorite actor!) played the role of Steamer in the 1988 sleeper 'Mystic Pizza'. This was actually the start of his acting career. His big break came when he starred with Meg Ryan and Denzel Washington in 'Courage Under Fire', although he will always be remembered for 'Good Will Hunting'.

2006-09-08 21:49:52
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Q: What was the name of Matt Damon's Character in Mystic Pizza?
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What was Matt Damons first movie?

Mystic Pizza (1988). He plays Steamer.

Was Steamer Charlie's brother in Mystic Pizza?

A young Matt Damon.

Was Matt Damon in the old footloose?

No. Matt Damon's first film role was Mystic Pizza in 1988.

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What is Matt Damons age?

40, he was born in October 1970

When did Matt Damon started to act?

Matt's first role was a one-line part in Mystic Pizza in 1988.

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What was Matt Damon's first movie?

Matt Damon's first movie was the 1988 movie titled "Mystic Pizza." He had a small role as Steamer, the younger brother of Charlie, with only one line.

What is Matt Damons middle name?

Actor Matt Damon's middle name is Paige. As of June 2014 Matt Damon is 43 years old, married, and has four children.

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Matt Damon's first acting role was a one-line part in Mystic Pizza (1988). He really shot to stardom when he was in Good Will Hunting (1997). That movie garnered him an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, as well as a nomination for Best Actor.

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