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What was the name of Matt Dillon's sidekick in Gunsmoke Chester or Festus?

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Both. Different time periods. After Chester left the show, Festus was the new deputy.

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What is the name of Marshall Dillon's sidekick?


Did festus on gunsmoke limp?


When did ken curtis stop playing festus on gunsmoke?

When Gunsmoke was cancelled.

Who played festus hagen?

If you mean Festus Haggen from Gunsmoke then it was Ken Curtis.

Who played festus in gunsmoke?

Ken Curtis

What was Matt Dillon's sidekick name?

Matt Dillon had different sidekicks, depending upon what season you're questioning. They included Chester Goode and Festus Haagen.

Did Clint eastwood ever play festus on gunsmoke?

No. Festus was played by Ken Curtis.

Who stars in Gunsmoke?

Notably , James Arness as Matt Dillon , Milburn Stone as Doc , Amanda Blake as Kitty , Ken Curtis as Festus and Dennis Weaver as Chester .

How many men did festus kill on gunsmoke?


What episode of Gunsmoke did Festus first appear?

The character of Festus Haggen debuted in "Us Haggens" (8 Dec. 1962) ; Gunsmoke : Season 8, Episode 13 .

What are the release dates for Gunsmoke - 1955 Deputy Festus - 10.17?

Gunsmoke - 1955 Deputy Festus - 10.17 was released on: USA: 16 January 1965

What episode did Festus become deputy on Gunsmoke?

dont know

Where are the actors that played miss kity doc chester thad and festus who acted on Gunsmoke tv series today?

They've all passed away except for Roger Ewing (Thad).

When did ken curtis start playing festus on gunsmoke?


What year did Dennis Weaver leave Gunsmoke the TV show?

he went onto different roles and movies. I don't believe Chester was ever a Deputy. He just worked at the Marshal's office. Festus was a deputy.

What was Festus Haggan's mule's name in Gunsmoke?

A male mule named Ruth.

How many actors played Festus on Gunsmoke?

Only one - Ken Curtis .

Who was the first festus on gun smoke?

Dennis Weaver played Chester Good until 1964 then Ken Curtin played Festus.

What was Festus mules sex on gunsmoke tv show?

Ruth the Mule was female .

Was Ruth the name of Festus Haggen's mule on Gunsmoke?

Yes. The mule was named Ruth.

How many Deputies did Matt Dillon have?


What was the Gunsmoke episode with Doc and Festus discussing whether a catfish could be a mermaid?

"Old Friend"

What was Festise Hagan's mule's name in Gunsmoke?

"Ruth" was the name given by Festus Haggen to his mule .

When did festus first appear on gunsmoke?

"Us Haggens" in 1962 and full time from 1964 to 1975 .

Why did festus on gunsmoke ride a mule?

festis couldn't spell horse