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The champ's

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Q: What was the name of gene autry's band?
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What is gene autrys horse name?

'Champion' .

Gene autrys horse?

Champion was the name of Gene Autry's horse.

When was gene autrys birthday?

September 29, 1907 .

What was Gene Autrys signature song?

"Back in the Saddle Again" .

Who is gene autrys sidekick?

Smiley Burnette then Pat Buttram .

Where were most of Gene Autrys early movies filmed?


What was gene autrys partners name?

Gene Autry's sidekick was the inimitable Pat Buttram who also played the role of Mr. Haney on the 'Green Acres' TV show .

Did gene simmons start the band kiss?

yes gene simmons did start the kiss band but gene simmons isn't his real name

What was gene simmons band name?


Did Gene Autry have any children?

I went to jr high school in early 60s with guy who said he was gene autrys son. tfhis was in tulsa, okla.

What band did gene chandler with?

The Gaytones

When did the Gene Simmons band form?

If you mean "Kiss" then the band formed in 1973

Who plays the theme song to Gene Simmons Family Jewels?

Gene Simmons and his band

Who is the leader of the band kiss?

Gene Simmons.

Who was the founder of the band kiss?

Gene Simmons

What band member from the Kiss band was a teacher?

Gene Simmons was a 6th grade teacher.

What is the birth name of Gene Cody?

Gene Cody's birth name is Gene Eubanks.

What is Gene Simmons' last name?

Gene Simmons, famous for playing in the band KISS, was born Chaim Witz in Israel.I just watched last evening, June 28, 2011, where Gene went to Israel and met his half-brother and half-sisters. His last name is Weitz.

Are the band members of kiss Jewish?

Yes, both Gene Simons and Paul Stanely are Jewish. Also, Gene was born in Israel and speaks , and his real name is Chaim Witz. Also, Paul Stanley's real name is Stanley Eisen.

Which kiss band member with the tongue?

Gene Simmons

What is the birth name of Gene Lamont?

Gene Lamont's birth name is Gene William Lamont.

What is the birth name of Gene LeBell?

Gene LeBell's birth name is Ivan Gene LeBell.

What is the birth name of Gene Mauch?

Gene Mauch's birth name is Gene William Mauch.

What is the birth name of Gene Mruczkowski?

Gene Mruczkowski's birth name is Gene Vincent Mruczkowski.

What is the birth name of Gene Atkins?

Gene Atkins's birth name is Gene Reynard Atkins.