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The Continential Soldiers


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There were many women that aided the cause of the American Army during the Revolutionary War. One of these women was Deborah Sampson Gannett, who in disguise, joined the army and fought under her brother's name. Another woman was Molly Pitcher, who brought water to the soldiers during the fighting.

Major John Andre was the name of the British secret agent who was captured and then hanged during the American Revolutionary War. He is buried at Westminster Abbey.

The Turtle, Revolutionary War; piloted by SGT Lee of the American Continental Army.

It's generally referred to as the Colonial Army or the Continental Army.

Another name for the Revolutionary War is the American War of Independence.

Depending on which war you are referring to, the Revolutionary War or the Civil War, the answer will differ. (Your question is posted in both categories.)

George Washington was the first president of USA and commander-in-chief of Continental Army during American Revolutionary war. His mother's name was Mary Ball Washington who was the second wife of his father Augustine Washington.

Valley Forge is the name of a small town in Pennsylvania a few miles from Philadelphia. The Continental Army of the United States used it for their winter quarters during the American Revolutionary War of Independence in 1777.

The soldiers were called Yankees (from the name for colonials in general), and Continentals (also the name applied to the first US army). British loyalists considered them rebels or traitors, but the usual term for the Revolutionary fighters is "patriots", because they identified more with their colonial homes than with their British heritage.

Henry Hamilton was dubbed the name: "Hair-buyer" by Americans in the American Revolutionary War, because he would buy the scalps of Americans from Indians.

The Continental Army was the name used to describe the group of patriotic Americans who banded together the fight the British troops for independence during the American Revolution.

During the American Revolutionary War, a number of names popped up to refer to colonists who took different sides. Tories were another name for those American colonists who remained loyal to the British during the revolution.

There have been 3 ships of the US Navy with the name Bonhomme Richard. The first was during the American Revolutionary war.

The American Revolutionary War (1775-1783) is also known as the American War of Independence.

Orinsky. It was a name of a ship or battle during the revolutionary war

In the revolutionary war, soldiers of the British Army were called Red-Coats.

They were called the "Contineantal Army" they were "Patriots" or "Rebels" or even the name "Yankees". These were the most common names...there are other types of insulting names that the BRits gave them too. they we're also called Minute Men.

To name a few: American Civil War American Revolutionary War War of 1812 Mexican-American War Spanish-American War World War I World War II Vietnam Gulf War War on Terrorism

The Yorktown Battle was a significant battle during the American Revolutionary War.

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