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What was the name of the German offensive in Italy that occured the same time as the Battle of the Bulge?

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German for "Winter Attack"

Attack on the US 92nd Division in Serchio Valley - December 26-31, 1944 The Germans launched an attack on the west coast against the US 92nd "Buffalo" Infantry Division. The German attack was scheduled about the same time as their Ardene Offensive at Bastogne (aka, Battle of the Bulge). The attack, which has been described as a reconnisance in force, hit the 92nd Division hard, resulting in a total of 529 killed, wounded and missing.

When the offensive began, the 92nd Division had recently arrived in Italy in August 1944 and was still untested. It was holding a front along a line of towns of Vergemoli, Calomini, Gallicano, Barga and Bebbio. The Americans fell back through Pedona valley to San Romano. The German advance was halted at Fornaci. The Germans claimed that their objective was to relieve pressure off of the Bologna front. The advance was stopped only a few miles beyond Barga.

The Allies reinforced the front with troops from the IV Corps: the 19th & 21st Indian Brigades of the 8th Indian Division, 135th Regimental Combat Team of the US 34th Infantry Division and the 337th Regimental Combat Team of the US 85th Infantry Division. GERMAN UNITS

285th Grenadier Regiment of the 148th Grenadier Division

Brescia Alpine Battalion of the Italian Monta Rosa Division

286th Grenadier Regiment of the 148th Grenadier Division

4th Mountain Battalion

Austro-German 'Mittenwald' Battalion -----