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U-48 was commanded by Lieutenant Commander Heinrich Bleichrodt. As for what happened to him after the war I could not get any information aside from his year of death - 1977.

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What is the city of benares?

Answer City of Benares is famous for a kind of woven sarees

The most sacred city of India It is the centre of Hinduism and Sanskrit learning?


Why is benares called the holy city of hindus?

Because there are many temples and gods born there.

Tell you about banaras'?

Benares or Varanasi a major Indian city at the shores og Ganga [Ganges] river.

What details are there on the SS City of Benares?

read miracles on the water ny tom nagorski for the whole story

Which city is the holy city?

It depends on your religion. Jerusalem is the holy city in Judaism and a holy city to Christians and Muslims. Bethlehem is holy to Christians, the Vatican is a holy city to Catholics. Mecca is the holy city for Muslims. Benares is the holy city of Hindusim.

When did Ruby Grierson die?

Ruby Grierson died on September 18, 1940, in SS City of Benares at sea of torpedoed by German sub.

How do you spell Varanasi?

The ancient city in India is spelled Varanasi. Other spellings include Banaras or Benares. The kingdom was also known as Kashi (Kasi).

What has the author Edwin Greaves written?

Edwin Greaves has written: 'Kashi the city illustrious or Benares' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Description and travel, Guidebooks

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Varanasi, or Benares, is known as the Holy City to Hindus. It is the home of the Holy River, the Ganges which is said to be the hair of Lord Shiva. Overall, it is the holiest place in Hinduism.

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