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El Paso was the name of the first Spanish settlement in East Texas.


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Robert de La Salle's east Texas settlement in Spanish Tejas.

* The first European settlement was by France called Fort Saint Louis near Matagorda Bay. * Spain then established a series of East Texas missions. * The first significant Anglo-American group was the First 300 on the Brazos. * By 1834 Texas had an estimated 30,000 Anglos within its borders.

The first Spanish mission in East Texas, began in 1690. ESTABLISHED BY:Alonzo de leon

Spain was indifferent and unworried about Tejas until they discovered an abandonded French settlement in East Tejas and immediately place a series of missions there to reinforce their claim.

They feared the French or Americans would try to take control of Texas

Is Texas east or west of Arizona?Texas is east of Arizona.

The first permanent settlement was made in 1769 in the Watauga River valley of East Tennessee, with a name unknown. But, the oldest town in Tennessee is Jonesboro, which was founded two years after that first permanent settlement was made. I would answer with Jonesboro.

Louisiana is east of Texas

'Texas' comes from the Caddo Indian tribe. The Spanish Conquistadors encountered the Caddo Indians around 1540 in the area of East Texas. The Caddos referred to the Spanish as "tayshas," which meant "friend" or "allies." The Spanish translation was "tejas." The Americans converted it to "Texas."Read more: How_did_Texas_get_its_name

The east coast is on the east side of the U.S. Texas is roughly in the middle of the U.S. Therefore the east coast is east of Texas.

Louisiana borders Texas to the East

"Tejas," pronounced "TAY-hoss," is the Spanish word for the American state of Texas."Tejas" has no other meaning in Spanish, although the word "teja" refers to colonial Spanish-style roofing tiles, typically made of terra cotta. Also, in Spanish, "tejado" means roof. This might or might not explain why Spanish-speakers of Mexico originally labeled as "Tejas" the region that eventually became Texas. Once part of Mexico, Texas forms a substantial part of Mexico's geographical "roof."Texas is the Caddo word for friends or allies. This is also why Texas is the "friendship state." Texas is not as many believe a Spanish word. The Caddo Indians' range once included east Texas.

Texas has a coast which extends from the East to the South. It does not have an " East coast ".

a person who established the first mission in east texas

Father Damian Massanet and someone.

From what i know, The indians in east texas did not need want the missions provided, they did not want religious instruction, and epidemics of disease cuased tension between them. There might be more info, but this is all i have

The Spanish word for east is oriental

The Atlantic Ocean is the nearest ocean east of Texas. The Gulf of Mexico is the nearest saltwater body east of Texas.

The english only came from the east side of USA to settle so it has to be on the east side of the USA

It was settled as a supply station for the Dutch ships sailing to East Africa, India and the Far East. The first settlement was in 1652

East Texas Saberkats was created in 2008.

East Texas Saberkats ended in 2009.

East Texas Bombers was created in 2005.

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