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That is the original name. There was previously a Royal Flying Corps which was a rudimentary air force.

When the first NA -73 was delivered to the Royal Air Force in September 1940 they ( the RAF ) decided to call them Mustang 1. -The name stuck.

Royal Air Force The British army was made up of many regiments that were identified by names. The major regiments were Royal Tank Regiment, Royal Engineers, Royal Artillery Regiment. The Royal Air Force was a branch of the military that was founded in 1917.

The "Royal Flying Corps". It evolved into the RAF on the 1st April 1918

That was the Battle of Britain, in the summer of 1940, when the Luftwaffe tried to bomb the Royal Air Force out of existence, and were themselves beaten so badly they never fully recovered.

Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) Royal Air Force (RAF) Royal Navy (RN)

-- "magnitude of charge"-- "radial separation"Strength of electric force is proportional to(magnitude of charge #1) x (magnitude of charge #2)/(distance between them)

The Royal Ulster Constabulary was the name of the police force in Northern Ireland from 1922 to 2001

Mounties, the Force, or just the abbreviation: RCMP

The letters 'RAF' after ones name denote current service with the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom.

The Royal Air Force, better known as the RAF.

RAF Royal Air Force. It has borne this name since mid-ww-l there was briefly the Royal Flying Corps which evolved into RAF. the Navy has its Fleet Air Arm.

The Luftwaffe is the name of the German Air Force. The Spitfire is the name of a fighter plane used by the British Royal Air Force during World War 2

That he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross medal. It suggests that he was in the Royal Air Force.

Royal Yates's birth name is Royal A. Yates.

mena computer is the name of 1940 computer

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