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What was the name of the mini-series from a few years back about a prince and a wolf?

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Release date February 27, 2000 As The 10th Kingdom begins, Prince Wendell prepares to visit the Dark Queen at a state prison. Unfortunately, his visit goes awry when the Dark Queen escapes from her cell with help from Relish, the Troll King. Relish is attempting to break his children (Blabberwort, Burly, and Bluebell) out of jail when the Dark Queen mesmerizes him, causing him to let her out of her cell. Once the Dark Queen escapes, she uses magic to force Prince Wendell to switch bodies with her dog. She intends to kill the real prince, but he escapes though an old traveling mirror to the "10th Kingdom" (our dimension). Virginia Lewis, a New York waitress and the daughter of a single father (Tony Lewis), subsequently finds Prince Wendell (the dog) and together with her father, follows Wendell to another world: the "Nine Kingdoms", each ruled by descendants of major fairy tale stories, The Five Women Who Changed History: "Snow White, Cinderella, Queen Riding Hood, Gretel the Great and The Lady Rapunzel". The Queen has sent a half man/half wolf to track down Prince Wendell, and so begins Wolf's chase of Virginia and Tony. Meanwhile, the Dark Queen primps her Dog Prince to take the place of Prince Wendell (Prince of the 4th Kingdom). Tony is trapped in the prison with the real Prince, while Virginia is kidnapped by the Trolls. Wolf eventually saves her and the two develop a hesitant friendship as they team up to save Tony. The Queen launches her plot to bring down the House of (Snow) White. She uses the magic mirrors that once belonged to the Evil Stepmother from the Snow White fairy tale to chase down Virginia, her biggest threat. Virginia, Tony, the Prince and Wolf are finally brought together, and the four start their journey to regain the mirror that has trapped them in the Nine Kingdoms. Wolf is torn between his feelings for Virginia and his "loyalty" to the Queen. He also must fight against his instincts as a wolf - including his desire to eat raw flesh. The four travel throughout the Nine Kingdoms and face many trials first seen in Fairy Tales, including growing Rapunzel's long hair, entering a shepherding contest against Little Bo Peep (Sally Peep) and dealing with the troubles of King Midas' Golden Touch (from the Golden River Goldfish). As Virginia gets closer to her goal, she realizes that the Queen is her long lost mother, who after abandoning her family and trying to drown Virginia, traveled to the Nine Kingdoms and became the apprentice to Snow White's Evil Stepmother. In the end, Virginia is forced to kill the Queen in self defense using a poison comb. She and Wolf return to Manhattan (after learning she is pregnant with his "wolf-cub"). Tony decides to stay in the Nine Kingdoms in order to avoid the trouble he left behind in the real world.

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