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The North was called the Union and the South was called the Confederate.


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The North was likely to name a battle after the nearest river or creek. The South was likely to name a battle after the nearest town, road, or structure.

If it is the northern, and southern parts of US, it is called the Civil war.

The North and the South sometimes named their battles differently. The North tended to name them after the nearest river, and the South after the nearest town.

Battle of Sharpsburg, most Civil War Battles had two names one by the North and one by the South. The south called them by the towns near by. The north named battles for the closest body of water.

The Battle of Gettysburg is known by that name alone in the North and the South.

Sharpsburg...correct. All you have to know when figuring the names of Civil War battles is that the South would name the battle for the nearest town, while the north would name the battle after the closest body of water... e.g. Shiloh= Pittsburgh Landing...

The Union named its battles after rivers and creeks. The South named hem after nearby cities and towns. That is why the North called the battle Bull Run, and the South called the same battle Manassas, for instance.

Lee for the South; Meade for the North…

Are you asking about the US Civil War? if so, The North was was the Union, and the South was the Confederate.

The battle at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, is generally considered the first battle of the Civil War.

The Union was the name of the North. The Confederacy was the name of the South.

The South liked to name them after the nearest town. The North liked to name them after the nearest water-course - river, stream or creek.

The Battle of Bentonville was the largest North Carolina battle of the US Civil War and see the Cowpens National Battlefield as a major Revolutionary war battle.

Civil War,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The definition of irony huh?

The North had one name, and the South had another.

*The civil war *The War between the States

civil war. or the war between the states

They usually named them after a town. And I think the south named them after creeks and rivers.

The Anaconda Plan called for blockading southern ports and capturing the Mississippi Valley to choke off the South from rest of the world, and, with modifications, that is what they did.

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