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He was part of the surrealism movement. This movement was deeply influenced by the psychoanalytic work of Freud and Jung. You can find more info at and you can get prints of his most famous works at

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Q: What was the name of the period of Art Miro did his work in?
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What period of Art History does Joan Miro belong to?

Modernism (Surrealism).

What art movement was Miro involved with?

Joan (ho-on) Miro was generally associated with the Surrealist Art Movement

What type of art does joan miro do?

modern art

Where did joan miro study at?

he studied in a private art academy.

What country did Joan Miro create most of his art?

He lived in Paris for long periods, but most of his work was done in Spain (Barcelona, Mallorca).

What period of art did Roy Lichtenstein work in?

He was a modernist.

Joan Miro collected his art ideas in what small portable item?

A Notebook

What is Windsor work of art Worth?

It all depends on what artist did the work, the art period, and how common art from that period is worth. Knowing more about the piece will help you find out how much it is worth, and for that you will need to speak to a professional or collector.

What is the name for the period prior to the classical period in greek art?

Archaic Greece

What period of art did Paul Gauguin work in?

Post Impressionism

How was Michelangelo's work different from art in the Medieval period?

he was fat

What was the name of the art period Andy Warhol Painted Mariylne?

american pop art

Why did Juan Miro paint the Sonnens?

Because his general interest was painting abstract art.

What period of art did Paul cezanne produce most of his work?


Do you italicize the name of a work of art?

Yes, the title of a work of art should either be in quotes or italicized.

Where are the art works of Miro located in the Spain museum?

The greatest number are in the Miró Museum in Barcelona.

What is the history of fine art?

It is the study of how art began and the relationship between the time period or historical context when the work of art was made. Also included in art history is learning about all of the movements in art, how to distinguish what period a piece is from, and a general familiarity with a great variety of artists and cultures.

What is a name for a work of art literature music?


What is the time period of Paul Gauguins art work?

Post-Impressionism, the eart 20th century.

What period or style of art did Leonardo da Vinci work?

He belongs to the Italian High Renaissance.

What is Joan Miro most known for?

Joan Miro was a Spanish painter and was recognized for his influence on Late 20th century art. He was given the Venice Biennale print making prize in 1954 and in 1958 the Guggenheim Internation Award. There was also a museum dedicated to him and all his art pieces in his home town in 1975.

What is the name of the period described as a new age of learning science and art in Europe?

The Renaissance.

What is an art period?

Art historians have divided the history of art into periods. The first period in art history is the Upper Paleolithic period beginning in 35,000 BC. The Renaissance was also a period in art. Often the term style is used interchangeably with period. Basically, certain characteristics appear and can be identified in pieces of art which give clues as to the style or period. A good example is Song Dynasty Chinese art.

What were Picasso's style or styles of art?

Blue Period, Rose Period, Cubism, Classical. After 1922 his styles vary but have no particular name.

Give an example of declarative sentence?

A declarative sentence ends in a period. Example : Your art work is outstanding.