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Australia was in Vietnam as part of Britains alliance with the USA. Australia was there in a police action as was USA, not at war with Vietnam.

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Q: What was the nature of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?
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Australias involvement in World War 1?

australians involvment in ww1

What was the American Involvement in the Vietnam War?

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How did various groups respond to Australias involvement in the Vietnam War?

Conscientious objectors were at the center of several highly publicised arrests that when combined with those who opposed the draft and a vocal Australian Labor Party began demonstrations against invilvement in Vietnam.

What was England's in involvement in the Vietnam war?

They weren't.

Did England support the US' involvement of the Vietnam War?


What was Mexico involvement in the Vietnam war?

Mexico was neutral.

What was England's involvement int the Vietnam War?

They weren't.

What led to American involvement in Vietnam?

Support of the French efforts in Indochina. US involvement in Vietnam began long before the actual Vietnam War.

How was the Soviet involvement in Afghanistan similar to US involvement in Vietnam?

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What was the extent of Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

Over 50,000 Australian Servicemen fought in the Vietnam War.

What was the nature of US involvement in asia?

The nature of the American involvement in Southeast Asia was to contain Soviet and communist expansion through the Domino Effect Theory. Thus the Cold War became hot not in Europe but through American and United Nations involvement in Korea, and America with some Allied assistance in Vietnam.

Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

Australia deployed a regiment of their Centurion tanks to Vietnam.

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