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$42,500 plus options.

Though money had different values at that time.

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Q: What was the new car price of a 1998 BMW series 528i sedan in 1998?
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Where is the oil Dip stick for 1998 BMW 528I series?

The 1998 BMW 528 dipstick is located on the left-hand side of the engine. The dipstick will be near the back of the engine.

What type of oil should you use for 1998 BMW 528i?

A; A Synthetic oil is reccomended for most/all BMW's. (which brand is up to you) The owner's manual will usually give you the best answer, however, in the older (1998-2000) 528i series it is Mobil 1 0W-40. It is also referred to as the European Blend.

How do you install new halo headlights in your 1998 528i There is an extra wire harness with the new lights?

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Where does the oil filter located on a 1998 BMW 528I series?

It is actually on top of the motor on the drivers side towards the front. Very strange place for one!

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in glow compartment

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There are a variety of warning lights on the dashboard of a 1998 BMW 528i. The light with an exclamation point is the drive off assistant light and also can indicate a problem with the traction control.

What is the original sticker price of 2000 BMW 528i?

My 2000, 528I executive package new in Las Vegas was $36,200 off the show room floor.

When do you change transmission fluid on a gm car?

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Under the car, on the transmission itself

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Left side upper portion of the radiator.

How do you get into a 1998 BMW 528i when it is locked and the battery is dead?

By sticking your key in the door lock and turning.

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Left of the sterring whell, down near hood release.

How many miles should a 98 BMW 528i have?

I know this is not your question, but I bought a 2000 528i with 68K miles in almost perfect condition. So with a 1998 I really would not but anything with more than 90K miles...

Does a 2003 BMW 325i intechange with a 1998 BMW 528?

No. They are two completely different body styles (E46 chassis for the 325i and E39 for the 528i). Their engines are also very different (M56B25 for the 325i, and M52B28 for the 528i)

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It is in the trunk on the right hand side kick panel. Fuse number 52.

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