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which plantation was most important during the colonial period

1) Pre-colonial Period 2) Spanish Occupation 3) American Occupation 4) Contemporary Period

name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period name the tariff placed on printed items during the colonial period

During the colonial period, cities contained about 10% of the entire population.

Baptist was the most popular denomination among the church during the Colonial period.

There were several great writers during the Colonial period, including Richard Steele and Alexander Pope. The Native Americans were the first creators of literature during the period.

Briefly describe three art forms which emerged during colonial period

colonial period or colonial America

Literature during the colonial period of the United States is known as Early American Literature. Much of this literature was religious or documentary in nature.

During the pre-colonial period, Pilipinos wrote many epic poems. Bantugan is one of these poems, written about a fictional prince.

the basic cause for deforestation in colonial period is the need of agricultural land to produce more raw material and revenueduring colonial period commercial agriculture ,plantation of (tea ,coffee & indigo) ,building up of ships and railways are the important causes of deforestation during colonial rule in India

In the colonial period many things were handmade like baskets. The material used during the colonial period was white oak tree, it was local and readily available.

It was "exported" by the British during the colonial period.

During the colonial period, Spain extracted enormous wealth in the form of gold, silver and new crops from the Americas.

Please tell me about large landowners during the Colonial period in North America.

Yes, there were. Tailors and barbers used scissors during the colonial time period.

The Colonial Era was a period of time from about 1500 to 1763. It was during this time that America was under colonial power and ruled by Great Britain.

Not much is known on how chickenpox was treated during the Colonial period. Chickenpox was discovered during the 1500's by Giovanni Filippo.

This was called a cash crop and it was rice.

Mary Tudor was the Queen of England during the Tudor period.

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