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What was the old Vietnam protesters and hippies opinion of the 1st gulf war?


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During the Iran-Iraq War from 1980-1989 the US just tried to maintain the peace in the Persian Gulf; and allow the international free use of the Persian Gulf itself. When the Iraqi's nearly sunk the US Navy Frigate USS Stark (aircraft launched missile), killing nearly thirty US Sailors, many thought we'd retaliate. Some thought we did, when the US Navy accidently shot down an Iran or Iraqi airliner sometime after that (with a surface to air missile). Both Powell and Schwarzkoff had served with the US Army's Americal Division during the Vietnam War. They learned from the past; and applied it to the future. Operation Desert Storm (January to Febuary 1991) was nearly a product of perfection; Short, Quick, and Deadly. Never in US Military history, have we sacrificed so few and destroyed so many of an enemy. So many in fact, that the Commander in Chief had to put a stop to it...before it became a slaughter (the Highway of Death). It was the lack of a cold war that allowed the US to conduct such an operation. With no Soviet or Red Chinese to interfere, we were free to go on the offensive; as we still are. The Hippies and Protesters/Draft Dodgers of the Viet War had mellowed with the years; and many of them have been running the government (city, county, state, and federal) since the 90's. Desert Storm was so Quick, Clean and Surgical, even the old Hippies and Protesters were proud of it...and in any case it happened so quick hardly anyone had the time to organize to do any protesting! The reason many of the older Hippies and Protesters/Draft Dodgers were able to enter successful politics to become the leaders of today, is because they still had their VITALITY in them. Many of the men that had actually fought the war in Vietnam were too exhausted from that experience to continue on in politics; and just simply wanted to live the remainder of their lives in the peace and quiet of solitude.