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Q: What was the order by English name of the countries for the Parade of Nations?
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In what order do the countries enter for the 2008 Parade of Nations?

They will enter based on the number of brush strokes in the Chinese character(s) for the country.

What was the order for the parade of nations of the 1992 Summer Olympics?

If I am not wrong it is in French

What is the order of the parade of nations if Greece is the host country?

first and last

What was the order of the countries in the 2006 Winter Olympics Parade of Nations?

The countries entered the stadium in alphabetical order (Italian alphabetical order) with the exception of Greece--first country in as the traditional founder of the Olympic games--and Italy, the host country which came in last.

If the Parade of Nations is supposed to be in alphabetical order why were Saint Lucia and Egypt at the beginning of the Parade?

THe order used is that of the Grecian alphabet, that of the host nation. This moves St. Lucia and Egypt to the to.

What is the Order of athletes in closing parade of Olympics?

For opening parade of athletes in the Olympics, Greece comes in first and the last nation to come in is the host nation. In between come the nations in alphabetical order. For the closing parade, the first and the last nations are the same, Greece and the host nation, but in between, all of the athletes of all the participating nations come in a huge mass and in no particular order. This closing procedure was brought about by an idea of a young Chinese apprentice carpenter living in Australia who wrote to the International Olympics Committee suggesting that all of the athletes mingle in the closing parade. This was officially adopted from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics up to the present.

What country walked first in the 2012 olympics?

Greece The Parade of Nations of athletes (drawn from the 10,490 competing) and officials from 204 nations (and the "Independent Olympic Athletes") was led, according to custom, by the Greek team followed by other competing countries in alphabetical order and finally the host nation Great Britain

What countries did Nazi Germany invade and in what order?

I have provided a link for you that gives you the list of nations and the order the Nazis invaded the nations in Europe and Africa. See the link below.

What is the first country to parade during the opening ceremony of the olympic geams?

The first country in the parade is always Greece.The last country is the host nation.In between, the countries march in alphabetical order according to the official language of the host nation.

What countries are leaders in the United Nations?

Among the Strongest nations in the UN are (not in any particular order)USAChinaRussiaGermanyFranceUK (England)JapanItalyCanadaSpainIndiaBrazilBOLD - Top 5 Countries

In what chronological order did European countries control the African slave trade?

Portuguese, Dutch then English

A Dress Parade is?

*A review of the costumes in the order in which they occur in the play.

What is the main significance of International Friendship day?

The International Friendship Day is a United Nations day that aims to foster peace between peoples, countries, and cultures in order to bridge nations. It is annually celebrated on July 30.

What was the United nations World War 2?

the UN was made until after WW2. it was used to help other countries in order to prevent another world war.

What is Choronos the god of?

It appears Chronos is reputed to be the "God" of Time. This is notably mixed in with the English-speaking nations as per chronological order, to do with organising about times, instead of alphabetical, it can be chronological order, see in Calendars.

What is order of the French Spanish and American explorers?

Spanish, French, American. (But note there were more exploring nations you should consider, namely the Portuguese, Dutch, and English).

Why do nations engage in international trade?

Countries engage in international trade in order to:Acquire resources they don't haveSell resources that they have an abundance ofImprove a relationship with another country

Why do countries imperialize?

Most nations imperialize or colonize in order to gain the resources of the other nation. Usually, one nation will not colonize another if that nation will fight against it.

How united nations help in health?

Basically the United Nations, through the good relationship of each country in it allows linkages for all the countries in order to share health ideas, resources and the like and help those in need especially when there are outbreaks and epidemics.

What order do the countries enter for the 2004 Parade of Nations?

COuntries enter in alphabetical order of the name of the countries, accordiing to the name as spelled by the host country. The language and alphabet of the host country is also used. Greece enteres first, and the host country enters last, irregardless of the alphabetization. In 2004, with Greece hosting, the Grecian flag entered first and the Grecian delegation enters last. They enter alphabetically. The alphabetical order is based on the language of the host country. This year, the countries entered alphabetically in the order of the Greek alphabet, according to the name of the country in Greek. This gets interesting in that there have been several different Greek alphabets throughout history. For instance, the letters "v" and "b" are synonymous, as are "ph" and "f", and "e" and "i". This means France entered after the "a" and "b" and "v" countries, and before the "g" countries, rather than near the end where "ph"/"f" fall in the Greek alphabet. Spain entered with the "e" countries. (Espanola?.) For more on the Greek alphabet, you can go to For more on the countries participating in the Olympics, there's I'm still looking for a link as to the actual order of all 200+ countries. ! I found a link!

Which nations were a member of the Concert of Europe?

The Concert of Europe is the name given to the alliance of countries that had fought Napoleon and who had arranged to (mostly) restore the order that had existed before the French revolution. The countries participating were Great Britain, Russia, Prussia and Austria.

Is a league of nations correct grammar?

League of Nations is correct. It is a collection of nations that have joined together, in order to promote World Peace.

What country has begun offering African nations money for roads railways and schools with relatively few strings attached in order to secure oil from African countries to fuel its development?


Why was the United Nations formed?

The United Nations was founded in response to the two World Wars, to allow the countries of the world to communicate with each other, and work together (collective security) to prevent future wars and conflicts in order to keep peace in the world.

What is Another name for a funeral procession?

procession means:a group of people in marching in order as in a parade.