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The first troops selling cookies baked their own. The cookies were most likely sugar cookies.

In 1922, a cookie recipe was published which was used by many Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts continued to bake and sell sugar cookies in the 1920's and 1930's.

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Q: What was the original Girl Scout cookie?
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When was Girl Scout cookie created?

Girl Scout cookie was created in 1917.

Are there Girl Scout cookie snack packs?

No, there are no Girl Scout cookie snack packs.

Where is the next girl scout cookie sale in Wilson North Carolina?

You can use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder or the Girl Scout Cookie Finder App to find the price, places to buy, and sale dates of the current Girl Scout Cookie Sale in your local area.

What Girl Scout cookie is sold the most?

For Girl Scouts of the USA, the most popular cookie is the Thin Mint, with 25% of Girl Scout cookie sales.

Where do you print a girl scout cookie order form?

The Girl Scout Cookie order forms are usually printed by the cookie company and delivered to each Girl Scout council which then gives the forms to the troops and the Girl Scouts. If someone needs more forms, they should contact the local cookie chair or the local Girl Scout council.

Where can you get Girl Scout Lemonades cookies?

Girl Scout Lemonades cookies are sold in Girl Scout councils that have chosen ABC Bakers as their cookie baker. You can use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder or the Girl Scout Finder app to locate the councils that are selling Lemonades.

What are the Girl Scout cookie prizes of 2014?

Check with your local Girl Scout council to find out the incentives they offer. Each Girl Scout council determines its own cookie incentives. There are two licensed Girl Scout cookie bakers, each of which offers incentives based on the cookie theme for that year. Girl Scout councils can choose to use the incentives provided by their cookie baker, they can provide their own incentives, or they can offer a combination.

What are the coconut Girl Scout cookies called?

Depending on which Girl Scout cookie baker your local council uses, the coconut Girl Scout cookie is called either a Caramel DeLite or a Samosa.

Where can you find pictures of Girl Scout cookies?

Pictures of Girl Scout cookies can be found at the web sites for each Girl Scout cookie baker: ABC and Little Brownie Bakers. The Girl Scout Cookie Finder web site also has links to a picture of each kind of cookie.

What is the cookie price for Girl Scout cookies in Charlotte North Carolina?

Each Girl Scout council determines the price of the product, so it will vary depending on which Girl Scout council you live in. For the 2012 Girl Scout Cookie sale, Girl Scouts Hornets Nest Council's cookie price is $4.00.

Do Girl Scout cookies have glutamate in them?

Glutamate is not listed as an ingredient for any Girl Scout cookie.

Where can you buy Samoa Girl Scout cookies?

There are two companies that bake the cookies. Samoas are baked by Little Brownie Bakers. Caramel DeLites, a Girl Scout cookie similar to the Samoa, is baked by ABC Bakers.Each Girl Scout council chooses their Girl Scout cookie baker. So check with your local council to see which cookie baker they use. If they don't have the Samoa, you can try a different Girl Scout council. Use the Girl Scout Cookie Finder for information about ordering Girl Scout cookies.

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