What was the original name of Alicante Airport?


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The original name of Alicante Airport was El Altet which opened on May 4, 1967. This airport replaced the old airport that served Alicante since 1936 which was called La Rabassa. Alicante Airport is the sixth busiest airport in Spain.


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The airport code for Alicante Airport is ALC.

Alicante Airport was created in 1967.

The Alicante Airport is located 03203 Elche, Spain . The alicante Airport is a very large airport located by Torellano and urbanova

The airport is situated 9 km (5.6 mi) southwest of Alicante.

Alicante Airport to Benidorm, Spain = 37.1 miles

The Alicante Airport in Spain opened in 1967. At that time is was called El Altet. It is the main airport for the province of Alicante and the region of Murcia.

Alicante Airport is located in Alicante almost 30 miles away from the Mississippi River in Missouri. It is a smaller airport which only has 3 airline services that fly to and from.

The address to the Alicante Airport in Alicante, Spain is 03203 Elche, Spain. Their phone number is also 966 919 000.

It is around four hours for the flight from Edinburgh Airport, Scotland to Alicante Airport, Alicante, Spain.

Alicante Airport is in Spain. The airport is abour 9 km southwest of Alicante and about 10 km east of Elche. It is the sixth busiest airport in Spain, so it is a good choice for arrival.

The Hotel Areca, Alicante Hills, and AC Alicante by Mariotte are all within a few kilometers of the Alicante Airport. They all allow booking online, and are beautiful, well-known hotel chains.

It takes approximately 2hrs 40mins.

Alicante town is the smallest but closest. Then there is Benidorm which is much larger.

Many carriers go to the alicante airport in spain. They are listed on their official website. I counted approx. 13.

Alicante is located approximately 1km from the coast. It is a popular tourist destination, located in the Valencian Community of Spain. The airport is 11 km from the the city.

Alicante Car Hire is located at the Alicante Airport in Alicante Spain. You may rent from Atesa, Auriga, Avis, Centauro, Europcar, Europa, Hertz, Record, and Sol-Mar.

It depends on how long the car rented and the chosen type of car. So, the typically cost of Alicante airport is 62.00 ¢«_«´ - 90.00 ¢«_«´ with 20% guaranteed.

There are several car hire companies that operate at Alicante Airport. One can find information on these car hire companies at online sites such as "Economycarrentals" and "Rentalcars".

There are several car rental services, run 7 days a week, offering best range of vehicles available at Alicante Airport and its surrounding areas.Keep their phone numbers and contact them at the airport or in advance.Best to contact them prior to your visit.

There are several car rental companies that service the alicante airport. Some of the major companies such as Hertz and Avis, and then some local companies such as Goldcar and Solmar Rent-A-Car.

Alicante car hire means to hire or rent a car in the airport in Alicante, Spain. That's the only meaning that could be found, so not sure if there are any other meanings.

Hi, It is approximately 12 kilometres into the city centre from Alicante airport. I presume that you are flying into the airport and are wondering how to get from the airport into Alicante city? If this is the case you have several options. 1 You can hire a car. It is best to pre-book this as soon as you have booked your flights. 2 You can catch the bus from outside the terminal. You need bus stops 29 and 30. The C6 bus goes straight to Alicante City and stops at the train station and the bus terminal. This departs every 45 minutes and it takes about 40 mins to get in. This service is provided by Subus. Alsa also operate a service (from the same bus stops) and their services also stop in Alicante. Costa about 8 euros. 3 You can hire a taxi. There is a taxi rank outside both terminal 1 and terminal 2. This costs between 13 and 16 euros depending on whether it is a festival day or not. Queues can be long for a taxi in the summer season. 4 You can pre-book a private transfer from the airport to your destination. There isn't a train station at Alicante airport. The nearest train station is the one in Alicante city and as mentioned above you can get the C6 bus straight there. I hope this answers your question. If you require further clarification then visit the alicante airport guide at for further information

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