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Allied forces occupied those nations for quite a few years in an attempt to keep the defeated countries from re-building a military and starting their attacks again.

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Q: What was the outcome for the countries that lost in World War 2?
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What was Germanys outcome in World War 1?

They lost.

Outcome of Geographic change after World War 1?

The resultant geographic change after World War 1 caused economic degradation for some countries and growth for others. Countries like Germany that lost many large territories and colonies lost important sources of raw materials for their industries.

Outcome of World War 2?

Germany, Italy and Japan lost the war to allied powers................

What was thee outcome of the World War 2 war?

the UN, the Cold War and Germany, Japan & Italy lost

What was a positive outcome of World War 1?

they get new lands and alliances with other countries

What was the outcome in World War I?

the outcome of world war I is that it gave the germans power even though they lost the war hitler decided to call upon his freinds and they were allies with the japponise and told them to go and bomb pearl harbor which was the start of another war

What were the 3 countries that lost in world war 2?

Italy, Japan, and Germany lost in WW2.

What countries lost the most life in World War 2?

Russia lost the most lives in WW2

Which countries in World War 1 gained land and which countries lost land?

Great British and Spain

Who lost in World War I?

Germany and the countries which were on its team. England and its supporters won .

Which country lost the most lives in World War 1?

World War I resulted in enormous casualties for most of the countries involved. The country that lost the most people was Russia.

How did the Holocaust affect the outcome of the war?

The Holocaust had no effect on the outcome of World War 2.

What countries did the Spanish get in the Spanish American War?

None, they lost their New World Empire.

What 2 countries were lost to communism after world war ll?

China and North Korea

Who lost a 50 pound bet on outcome of the revolutionary war?


Many of the European countries lost a lot of money on World War 2 did any countries other than Sweden get rich from it?

no they did not

Did weapons influence the outcome of World War 1?

It impacted outcome of the "Great War" because it killed many innocent people who were just following their countries orders and they were just defending their own nation from being invaded by their enemies.

How did Submarines impact the outcome of world war 1?

They didn't. But "IF" they had sunk the US transports delivering US Troops to Europe...Germany could've won the war...or at least not lost it.

What was the outcome of World War I?

the answer is that Canada won

What was the social impact of ww1for the major countries involved?

World War 1 left the countries that were involved with a major distrust of people from other countries. Resentment was caused in countries such as Germany and Italy who lost land during the war.

What were the economical effects of World War 1?

The economies of both victorious and lost countries were in a very bad condition. Countries except America and Japan whether won or lost became BANKRUPT!!

What three countries lost land after World War 1?

Russia and Germany lost land also the austro Hungarian empire and the ottoman empires broke up into a collection of smaller countries.

When was the lost war of these countries in Yugoslavia?


What was the outcome of the Battle of the Somme?

nothing it was a good war but it was bad and it was lost by both sides

What was the outcome of operation barbarossa?

The Germans lost the initiative and ultimately the war ; the Russians prevailed .