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What was the overall purpose of the code of Hammurabi?

To make sure everyone had rules.. that where equal....

Achievements of Hammurabi?

Code of Hammurabi , first set of written law codes

Who is the babylonian ruler who created one of the first codes of written law?


How does the Torah differ from the code of Hammurabi?

The Torah dwells on obedience where the Hammurabi codes dwells on punishment.

Do any currently have law codes that resemble the Hammurabi?

yes,such as china,italia,paksten,europe,india,and,madgascar have law codes like Hammurabi's. Hammurabi

Which is an ancient document that sheds light on the purpose of government?

The Code of Hammurabi THE CODE OF HAMMURABI

Do any of the Hammurabi codes seem unfair?

Yes, some of the codes seem unfair.

What is engraved on the Code of Hammurabi stele?

codes of law

When were the codes of Hammurabi created?

It dates back to about 1772 BC.

What number of articles were contained in the codes of Hammurabi?

The code of Hammurabi has approximately 300 articles dealing with everyday life in Babylonia.

How many codes were made by Hammurabi?

Originally, there were 282 codes, but some of them were erased or just damaged with time.

What are facts on hammurabi?

He made laws called the "eye for an eye codes"

Why is Hammurabi and his code of laws famous?

They were the earliest known building codes

Who was the Hammurabi and what is the significance of the Hammurabi code?

Hammurabi was the 6th king of Babylon. He lived from about 1792 BC to about 1750 BC. His code was one the first sets of laws (Legal Codes) to be rendered into written form.

Is Code of Hammurabi example of a moral code?

The Hammurabi code is one of the oldest law codes in history. However, it is extremely harsh. Many laws have derived from the code of hammurabi, but they are far less harsh.

Did the Hammurabi codes treat everyone equal?

no it depended on your class the rich were favored

What ancient document sheds light on the purpose of government?

The code of Hammurabi

Papyrus Code Code of Hammurabi Code of Cinithis?

Papyrus Code Code of Hammurabi Code of Cinithis Rosetta Code These are examples of ancient moral codes.

Are any of the Hammurabi laws similar or different to laws in America today?

the Hammurabi codes was made for a primitive culture and modern times needs more laws.

What does the Hammurabi code refer to?

The Code of Hammurabi was one of the first written sets of laws, or legal codes, known to history. It was enacted at the orders of Hammurabi, sixth king of Babylonia and carved into stone and various clay tablets.

Was the Code of Hammurabi the first formal theory of agriculture?

No. It was one of the earliest law codes.

What was the purpose of slave codes?

The purpose of slave codes was to control enslaved people and prevent them from rebelling.

What were the purposes of the code of Hammurabi?

Hammurabi's codes were created to keep society in order and to prevent rebellions.

What is the purpose of the code of hammurabi?

It serves as the codification of laws for a bast area expansion of land of the empire.

What was the main purpose of the black codes?

The main purpose of the black codes was to regain power over the blacks and use the law to do so.