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NYC had a population of just over 5,000. See: Historical Statistics of U.S.

Colonial Times to 1970. Compare to Philadelphia #1 populated city in U.S.

with 25,000.

Boston, NYC and Charleston had about 5,000 populations.

The largest state was Virginia, #2 was Massachusetts. and #3 Pennsylvania.

The U.S. population of the 13 colonies in 1776 was 2.5 million.

Google: Historical Statistics of U.S. Colonial Times to 1970.

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Q: What was the population of New York in 1776?
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What was the population of New York in1776?

There was no census in 1776. The closest census to 1776 was 1771, and New York's population then was 168,007.

How many people lived in New York when Georges Washington became president?

The population of New York in 1776 when George Washington became President of the United States, was 25,000. New York lost many residences in 1776 due to a fire.

When was the battle of Battle of New York?

Battle of New York was in 1776

What was the capital of New York in 1776?


What were the major cities in 1700's new york state?

During the 1700's the major cities in the New York Colony were New York City, and Albany. By 1700, New York City was already growing rapidly with a population of 5,000. By 1776, the time of the Revolutionary War, the population burgeoned to nearly 25,000.

What was the date that the battle of New York happen?


Who won the battle of New York 1776?


Where was the first presidential government and when?

New york in 1776

When was New York first a part of the US?


Who were the general in the New York campaign in 1776?


In the Battle of New york in July 1776 how many British soldiers were killed?

There was over 2,000 British soldiers killed in the Battle of New York in July 1776.

Did the New York colony have slaves?

Yes. New York had slaves. All of England's American Colonies had slaves in 1776. New York was the last northern state to free its slaves. It did that in 1830. England also had slavery in 1776.

What is newyorkcity's population?

New York, New York has a population of 8,363,710

What is the population in NYC?

New York, New York has a population of 8,363,710

Were did the battle of New York take place?

The Battle of New York (Long Island and Manhattan) occurred in New York on August 27th 1776

What was signifanance of New York Battle in 1776?

William Howe

When did new york declare independence?

July 9th 1776

What was the largest city in the US in 1776?

New York City

What was the most populated state in 1776?

Wyoming New york.

Who did Howe defeat in 1776?

General Washington in New York

What city was taken by the British in 1776 and not retaken?

New York

What Year did New York State get invaded by the British?

In 1776.

When do the british open fire of New York?

September 1776

What is the population rank for New York?

The population rank for New York is 8,274,527.

What is the population of New York Telephone?

New York Telephone's population is 26,800.

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