What was the population of Russia in 1917?

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Roughly 120million but no exact figures due to poor bureaucracy
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Why did Russia pull out of World War I in 1917?

Russia pulled out of World War 1 because Lenin and the Bolsheviks had promised that they would end Russia's involvement in the war. The Russian army could not match up to the German army and defeat was inevitable. Politically, Lenin had to end the war because he had promised it to the country and if ( Full Answer )

What happened in Russia in 1917?

The Bolsheviks won a majority in a number of key soviets including Petrograd, Moscow, and several other cities.

Why did russia leave the war in 1917?

Because Vladimir Lenin wasnt to concentrate and establish a communist state. Which led to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.

Who was the leader of Russia in March 1917?

If one goes by the Julian calendar then in use in Russia, Vladimir Lenin and his Bolsheviks were leading Russia in March 1917. If one goes by the Gregorian calendar then in use by the western world, the Provisional Government under Alexander Kerensky was leading Russia in the beginning of March 191 ( Full Answer )

Why were there two revolutions in Russia during 1917?

The first was the overthrow of the Monarchy in 1917, also known as the February Revolution. This deposed Tzar Nicholas II, but nobody really figured out who should run the country. So, there was a period of dual power, in which the in which the Provisional Government held state power and the nationa ( Full Answer )

What happened within Russia in march 1917?

In March, 1917, the country of Russia broke down into revolution.The war had ended, bringing devastating defeat to Russia, workerswere demanding a wage hike so that they could buy food, which dueto high inflation was in short supply. When the owner of thefactory refused, the workers took to the stre ( Full Answer )

Why did Russia withdraw from WW1 in 1917?

Russia was losing and it was hard for them, this was affecting the government and people. Food and fuel for the war was running out, and the people started to doubt that they could hold much more in the war. The formal end was 1918 march 3.

What happened to Russia in 1917?

There were a series of revolutions in Russia in 1917, that led tothe creation of the Soviet Union. During the first revolution, CzarNicholas II was deposed, and a provisional government put in place.In November, Vladimir Lenin launched a coup against the provisionalgovernment, and the Bolsheviks for ( Full Answer )

What happened in 1917 in Russia?

In 1917 in Russia there were a series of revolutions. Theserevolutions led to the creation of the Soviet Union by eliminatingthe Tsar system of government.

Who brought communism to Russia in 1917?

Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Party brought "communism" to Russia in 1917 through the October Revolution. It should be noted that true communism was never instituted in Russia (or in any other country for that matter). The revolution brought a socialist state to Russia. The theory was that social ( Full Answer )

Who took control of Russia in November 1917?

Vladimir Lenin took control of Russia in November 1917. He servedas the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic leader from1917 until his death in 1924.

Who seized power in Russia 1917?

Vladimir Lenin and the "Bolsheviks" (meaning "majorityites"), a faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.

In 1917 who rose to power in Russia?

the Bolsheviks Vladimir Lenin In 1917 several people rose to power because there were two separate revolutions in that year. In the February Revolution, the the rule of the Tsars came to an end. A Provisional Government headed by Prince Georgy Lvov then came into power. Some months later ( Full Answer )

What was the Winter Palace for in Russia in 1917?

The Winter Palace was the headquarters for the Provisional Government. The Bolsheviks did not like how the government was being run so they wanted to take over. A major thing they wanted to change was to take them out of the war.

What happened in Russia in march 1917?

The Russian Revolution began due to the lack of food and supplies. Czar, leader of Russia, resigns because the Russian Revolution threatens to destroy the Russian Government. Communism takes over and pulls Russia out of World War I.

What problems did russia have from 1900-1917?

Between 1900 and 1917 Russia became increasingly restive because ofpoverty and inattention from government. This led to the BolshevikRevolution in 1917 ending the monarchy.

How and why did Lenin return to Russia in April 1917?

Lenin was isolated in neutral Switzerland during the beginning of World War I. After receiving news of the February 1917 Revolution in Russia, he wanted to return there immediately to give instructions to the Bolsheviks about how to continue with the revolution and to defeat the Provisional Governme ( Full Answer )

How did Lenin return to Russia in April 1917?

It was in Switzerland in early 1917 watching the revolutionary nature of the strikes from a distance with the help of other leading Bolsheviks. He went through Germany in a locked train-the Germans didn't want him in their country but at the same time they realised that the Bolsheviks wanted to end ( Full Answer )

Who was the leader of the Provisional Government in Russia in 1917?

Georgy Lvov was the first post Tsarist leader after the abdication of Tsar Nicholas, from 23rd March to 7th July, 1917, when he resigned due to lack of support. He was arrested by the Bolsheviks later in the year, but escaped to France.. Aleksander Kerensky was next from 21st July to 8th November, ( Full Answer )

Who was the leader of the Bolshevik revolt in Russia in 1917?

\nThe Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, more commonly known as the October Revolution, was led by Vladimir Lenin. Lenin and the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Provisional Government, which had overthrown Tsar Nicholas II seven months earlier in the February Revolution (1917).\nhttp://en.wikipedia.org/ ( Full Answer )

What did Russia do after Vladimir Lenin seized control of Russia in 1917?

Russia broke out into the Russian Civil War, which pitted the Bolshevik Red Army against the Tsarist/monarchist/anti Bolshevik White Army forces. The war lasted from 1918 to 1921, but some histories say it lasted till 1923 when the very last of the fighting stopped.

Who lead the 1917 revolution in Russia?

in 1917 political leaders,soliders,and factory workers forced Czar NicholasII to give up the throne later taht year a political revolutionary name Vladimir Lenin led a second revolt and siezed control

What were the results of the March Revolution in 1917 in Russia?

Tsar Nicholas II abdicated the throne ending 300 years of Romanov tsarist dynasty. A Provisional Government was set up under first Prince Georgy Lvov and later Alexander Kerensky. It consisted of 12 former leading politicians, intellectuals, revolutionaries and former ministers. The local soviets ( Full Answer )

Why did russia seek peace in 1917?

Primarily because of internal chaos and the Tsar losing authority. Communist agitation made it impossible to continue the war which was already impossible to win.

After Vladimir Lenin seized control of Russia in 1917 what did Russia do?

After Lenin seized the control of Russia he killed a lot of people, did a lot of reforms, took everything from people and nationalized all property. He closed the borders, made religion illegal in Russia, connected the peripheral countries to one union and spread the people from some of those countr ( Full Answer )

Who led the February Revolution in Russia in 1917?

No one led the February Revolution in Russia in 1917. It was a spontaneous and unorganized general protest demonstration city wide by workers, peasants and soldiers. It soon spread to other towns and cities. The soldiers in the city garrison not only refused to stop the demonstrations, many actually ( Full Answer )

What revolution took place in Russia in 1917?

The Russian Revolution, which consisted of the February Revolution in which Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate and the Bolshevik Revolution known as the October Revolution or Red October, in which the Bolsheviks (later known as Communists) deposed the Provisional Government and took control of ( Full Answer )

Why did Vladimir Lenin leave Russia in 1917?

Lenin fled from Russia to Finland to avoid being arrested by the forces of the Russian Provisional Government. There had been an attempted revolution by other political parties and soldiers against the Provisional Government in early July 1917. It failed and many of the revolutionaries were arrested ( Full Answer )

Why was Lenin disliked in Russia 1917?

You mean not liked by Russian feudalists and capitalists - I guess. Because he wanted to free the Russian people from feudalists and capitalists supression. Of course they did not want this. But he was liked very much by the majority of the people - especially workers and socialists. Democracy an ( Full Answer )

What occurred when Lenin returned to Russia in 1917?

Lenin returned to Russia on April 3, 1917, courtesy of the German government, which wanted Lenin to create revolutionary disruptions in order to cripple Russia's war efforts in World War I. At first Lenin agitated against the Provisional Government and almost sparked a premature Bolshevik revolution ( Full Answer )

The March 1917 Revolution in Russia?

The March Revolution was the uprising which forced Czar Nicholas II to abdicate the throne and allowed the Mensheviks to take control and set up a Provisional Government to rule until a permanent government could be formed.

What two events happened in Russia in 1917?

In 1917 there were two revolutions in Russia. The first one dethroned the Czar Nicolas and a provisional government was established. In October of 1917, the Bolsheviks lead by Vladimir Lenin, overthrew the provisional government and established a dictatorship of the proletariat.

What happened in March 1917 in russia?

March, 1917 was the date of the Russian Revolution. Following WorldWar I, the government of Russia collapsed. There were riots,protests, people were locked out of their jobs and there was nofood. After losing control of his government, Tsar Nicholas II wasdeposed and an interim government was establ ( Full Answer )

Why did Russia sue Germany in 1917?

Do you mean, "sue for peace"? That phrase just means to try to get a peace treaty. They were undergoing a revolution, the country was in tatters, the people were fed up, the communists were against the war, and enough was enough. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was badly against the Russian inte ( Full Answer )

What was the government in Russia during 1917?

There were three governments in Russia in 1917. The Tsarist regime was the government in Russia at the beginning of 1917. The Provisional Government took over after Tsar Nicholas II abdicated as a result of the February Revolution. Lenin and the Bolsheviks became the governing authority when they ( Full Answer )

Why did Russia go to ww1 and by who were they defeated in 1917?

They had an alliance with Serbia.when gravilio princip, Serbian nationalist assassinated franz Ferdinand Austria Hungary declared war on Serbia, so Russia declared war on Austria Hungary due to the alliance. They got out of the war by giving Germany some land because they were getting whooped, they ( Full Answer )

What did Russia change its name to after the revolution in 1917?

The Russian Empire changed its name to the Russian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic (RSFSR) in July 1918. It did not simply change its name to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The USSR came about in December 1922, when the RSFSR joined with Ukraine, Belorussia and the Transcaucasus Federati ( Full Answer )

Why did revolution occur in Russia in MArch 1917?

Long Answer: This revolution had it's origins in Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels writings. Marx and Engels promoted the right of the proletariat to seize power over the bourgeousie. Marx and Engels wrote from early 1850's to 90's. The Communist Manifesto was a timeless piece written by Marx and Engel ( Full Answer )

What was russia ruled by in 1917?

It was split by Bolshevik party (run by Lenin), and the Duma (Alexandar-Provisional Government). ^_^

Who was leading Russia before the revolutions in 1917?

Tsar Nicholas. He and his family were brutally murdered by the Bolsheviks. It takes real courage to gun down a 10 year old boy and his teenaged sisters. They even shot the family dog. This is what made the Communists such fan favorites around the world.

What are facts about Russia before 1917?

Russia before 1917 was at times a vast nation that covered the area between the Pacific Ocean and the Baltic Sea. many peoples other than Russians lived there. The history of Russia is fascinating. Important facts about it make for an amazing history. Historians begin the history of what the world ( Full Answer )

Why was there a civil war in Russia after 1917 and who was involved?

After the Russian Revolution ousted the Czar, the various factions began to fight among each other. The Bolsheviks (Communists), also known as the Reds, made a play for power opposed by the Whites, Mensheviks (royalists, democrats, republicans, and reactionaries).

Who initiated strikes in March of 1917 in Russia and why?

I also look up exact questions, from my honors history homework; inthe hopes that those before me have paved a path to the light. Yet,the great quest for answers continues, and the long fought warseems to have no end. but stay strong my fellow student, let usfight for or lazy intuition, as we live i ( Full Answer )