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It was Jewish at the east, A little bit Swedish, German to the West. I grew up a few blocks west of what is now Boys Town in the 70's and 80's, it was pretty heavy with white ethnics like Irish & Polish; and Mexicans. The huge highrises east of Broadway kind of defy ethnicity, it wouldn't surprise me if there good numbers of all sorts of European ethnic groups, Jews as well. there were still a lot of German stores on Lincoln Avenue, but my understanding is that the German & Swedish populations had already begun moving north up to Lincoln Square.

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Is Lakeview still an Irish neighborhood?

No, it's not. It's filled with Young Urban Professionals (YUPPIE's) of all nationalities. Very expensive to live there now. If you own property where you bought it in the "old days", you are sitting on a gold mine. That neighborhood has gone through many changes. I know, I grew up there and my family continues to live there. Hope this answers your question! Sorry to inform that Lakeview is neither Irish nor affordable nor the friendly place it was when I moved there in 1987. As recent as the early 1990's East Lakeview was written up in the Chicago Reader as the most class diverse, ethnically diverse, lifestyle diverse neighborhood in the city. It had an energy and community at that time. As often is the case, the paradise of the working class is coveted by the rich, and those who could have afforded to live anywhere pushed out those who had found an affordable cosmopolitan haven. There are good memories of Lakeview as you may have too. Fortunatley there are other neighborhoods that are now what Lakeview was. Lake View was never an Irish neighborhood. Chicago Irish neighborhoods are all on the south side. There are still quite a few South Side Irish neighborhoods today.

Cheap school for computers in Chicago?

You should check out Comset Computers in Lakeview or Jefferson Park.

Where in Chicago Illinois does Obama live?

He lives in Kenwood which is a neighborhood in Chicago.

How many Binnys locations are there in Chicago?

There are five different Binny's retail locations in Chicago. They are located in downtown Chicago, Hype Park, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and the South Loop.

How did the neighborhood of Lake View get its name?

Lakeview was an incorporated town from 1887 to 1889 when Chicago annexed it into the city. People were living in the area from 1830. Lakeview's name came from a hotel built near what is now Sheridan and Byron. Walter Newberry of library fame, suggested the name to the owner James Rees. If you go to Addison and Halsted you will see the Police station called "Town Hall". That name comes from the fact that Lakeview's town hall was located there. Ignore the cute "Wrigleyville" name for the neighborhood. It's Lakeview!

What is the most dangerous neighborhood in Illinois?

In my view, Englewood, a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago

What is the University of Chicago?

The University of Chicago, the private university located principally in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago

What is info on the Ravenswood Lakeview Historical Society?

The Ravenswood Lakeview Historical Society is part of the Sulzer Regional Library of the Chicago Public Library System. Check out this link: http://www.chipublib.org/002branches/sulzer/sulnhrc.html

What bodies of water are around your neighborhood Chicago?

Lake Michigan is primarily the eastern border of Chicago.

What happened to Columbus Hospital on Lakeview in Chicago?

it was closed and merged with St Joseph Hospital and the site is now a new condos building.

Where in Chicago does Barack Obama live?

He used to live in the Downtown District. He lives in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

What neighborhood does obama live in?

5046 South Greenwood Ave, Chicago, IL

Where is the Kenwood neighborhood in Chicago?

Kenwood is located in Cook County in Chicago, Illinois. It is on the shore of Lake Michigan on the south side of the city.

Where was Cragin Illinois located?

Cragin is a neighborhood in Chicago, in the vicinity of Laramie and Fullerton avenues.

What are the release dates for Up to Speed - 2012 Chicago To Conjure a Lost Neighborhood 1-2?

Up to Speed - 2012 Chicago To Conjure a Lost Neighborhood 1-2 was released on: USA: 16 August 2012

Where are Chicago gay strip clubs?

There are only two I'm aware of. One is in Boystown (aka East Lakeview) near Halstead and Belmont, the other is in Andersonville on Clark.

What is the best chicago plumbing contractor?

There's a long list of the best, divided by Chicago neighborhood. Visit www.chicagomag.com/Chicago.../Plumbers-Who-Wont-Drain-Your-Wallet/ and find one that suits you!

Where can one find Filipina dating in Chicago?

Most online dating sites have filters for a certain desired ethnicity, as do most speed dating sites. One would simply need to find such a website (such as mingle2 or adultfriendfinder) and search for the desired ethnicity within their location, including Chicago.

Where did Shel Silversteins grow up?

Chicago, Illinois where he was born. He grew up in a poor neighborhood.

Is Chinatown in Illinois?

There is a neighborhood called Chinatown in Chicago near 22nd St. and Wentworth Ave.

How did the pullman neighborhood in Chicago obtain its name?

The Pullman neighborhood in Chicago got it's name from the Pullman train car manufacturing company, which was located in what is now known as Pullman. The company, founded by George Pullman, built an entire community for it's workers.

What are the release dates for Parkside A Neighborhood Fights Back - 1980?

Parkside A Neighborhood Fights Back - 1980 was released on: USA: 1980 (Chicago International Film Festival)

Where did Barack Obama and Michelle Obama live before the White House?

They lived in Chicago near the Museum of Science and Industry.

What neighborhood is Obama's Chicago address in?

The address is 5046 South Greenwood Avenue. It is in Kenwood, on the South Side.

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