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What was the purpose of Columbus's explorations?

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Columbus set sail to find a feasible sea route between Europe and Asia. He was seeking the lands then known as Cipango (Japan), Cathay (China), the Spice Islands (Indonesia), and India. His and other explorers motive's were economic. They wanted to avoid the costly overland routes to Asia in order to purchase the goods found in the East and demanded by the consumers in Europe.

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What was the purpose of Henry Hudson's explorations in 1609?

the purpose of henry hudsons explorations is to find the ducth

What was Columbuss purpose in sending the Taino to Spain?

to teach them about corn and to kill the and take their gold and weath and to make them slaves

What was Leif Erikson's purpose of his explorations?

He was searching for new lands to colonize.

What was the purpose of Henry HUdsons explorations?

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What was the purpose of Henry Hudson explorations?

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What was the purpose o Henry Hudson's explorations?

He wanted to find Gold and Silver

What was the purpose of Henry Hudson's explorations?

Henry Hudson tried to find a passage to Asia.

What was the purpose of Marco polo's explorations?

Marco Polo wanted to find riches, silk and other things in Asia.

Who is columbuss dad?

Christopher Columbus' dad was Dominico Colombo

What were the names of columbuss ships?

The Nina, The Pinta, and the Santa Maria

What were the names of Columbuss three ships?

santa maria, nina ,and pina

What was the purpose of Sir Francis Drake's exploration?

He travelled the World to explore. His explorations were important because they gave a more accurate look at the World.

How did columbuss voyages impact the Americas?

Columbus showed Europeans the way to Americas.

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When was Explorations in Economic History created?

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What was the name of the Christopher Columbuss smallest ship?

Santa Maria was the smallest of the three ships.

When was Christopher columbuss firs expedition?

1451 was the first expedition christopher Columbus made

What happened n christopher columbuss early life?

he ate pie like there was no tomorrow

The Dutch based their claims on the explorations of?

The dutch based their claims on the explorations of Henry Hudson.

The Dutch based their claims on the explorations of who?

The dutch based their claims on the explorations of Henry Hudson.

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What was Francisco Pizarro's purpose for explorations?

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