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For what purpose did North American Tlingit artists carve totem poles?

Totems are carved to tell a story about a clan or family.

Totem poles were common to the tribes of the?

Native American tribes in the Northwest part of North America including the Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and others build totem poles. They were symbols of clan wealth and prestige.

How was the way the Tlingit adapted to their environment different from other Native American groups?

They made totem poles, they held potlatch

Why did the tlingit make totem poles?

the tlingit made totem poles because the beleived that they protected them and warned off evil spirits

What best describes the purpose of North American Tlingit totem poles?

They contain symbolic imagery that tells the story of a Tlingit clan's family history. They depict fierce animal symbols that are used to ward off evil spirits. They are used during religious ceremonies to illustrate spiritual teachings. They are carved during potlatch celebrations and then given away to honored guests.

What is some history about totem poles?

the Tlingit used them. It is also used to remember Tlingit gods.

What did the tlingit Indians use wood for?

totem poles

Where can one find pictures of North American totem poles?

You can find a lot of pictures of North American totem poles in magazines, art gallery, newspapers, and Native American museums. You can also find a lot of North American totem poles on Google images since you will find a lot of them.

What kind of art did the tlingit make?

the art that they did is totem poles.

What is the purpose of the prime meridian and the equator?

to divide the north and the south poles

Which Indians carved frogs onto their totem poles?

The Tlingit of Alaska.

Which tribes used totem poles?

Haida, Tlingit, Tsmishian, Makahs, and Kwakiutls. :)

What are the Tlingit customs and traditions?

they made totem poles, had potlatches, and fished alot

Where did North American Indians put totem poles?

Beside their camps.

Who was a famous aviator and American exporer of the north and south poles?

richard byrd

What kind of crafts did the Tlingit Indians make?

Tlingit artists are known for their fine basket and carving arts, including totem poles, and for their exceptional Chilkat robes and other weavings. Here is a website about Tlingit artwork in general.

What is the equator's purpose?

The purpose The Equater serve because it is the starting point for latitude. The poles can't both be 0 , so it made sense to designate the line equidistant from the poles as 0 and then measure north and south from there.

Do North poles attract North poles?

No - opposites attract.

What poles attract and what poles repel?

south and North attracs and north and north reepls

Do the north poles attract and do the south poles repel?

The north poles attract and the south poles repel south poles. (Like repels, opposites attract)

Are the North Pole and the south pole geographical poles?

yes, the north and south poles are geographical poles.

What was a wood carving made by American Indians of the north west called?

Totem poles

What are the ends of a magnet?

the ends of a magnet are called this south pole and north poleThe ends of a magnet are its poles.Magnetic PolesThe two ends of a magnet are the North and South poles.Poles, North & Southmagnetic poles......

What are the north and south poles?

it is where the north and south geographic poles are connected somehow..

What are the South and North Poles?

it is where the north and south geographic poles are connected somehow..