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The Anaconda Plan was drawn up by General Winfield Scott to end the American Civil War in favor of the North. The plan was adopted in 1862, involving four main parts.

1. Blockade the coast of the South to prevent the export of cotton, tobacco, and other cash crops from the South and to keep them from importing much needed war supplies.

2. Divide the South by controlling the Mississippi River to cut the South off from the west.

3. Divide the South by capturing the Tennessee River Valley and marching through Georgia to the coast.

4. Capture Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederate States of America.

The Tennessee River Valley was very important to the South, as the Confederacy stockpiled weapons and supplies at Nashville, and built Fort Henry and Fort Donelson on the Tennessee and Cumberland rivers, respectively. However, their defenses did not hold, and after Grant's taking of the garrison at Fort Donelson on February 16, 1862, Southern commander Albert Sidney Johnston withdrew and the supply depot remained in Union hands until the end of the war. One of the justifications Robert E Lee made to Jefferson Davis for his attacks in Pennsylvania was the need for supplies, and his campaign led to the decisive Battle of Gettysburg. Had the South held the Tennessee Valley, they might have had the resources to drag the war on for long enough to force the North into a compromise.

Actually the Tennessee Valley, Atlanta Campaign, and drive on Richmond were not specifically part of the Anaconda Plan. They were added by subsequent commanders, and did compliment and expand the original. The original plan called for the coastal blockade and he capture of the Mississippi Valley, nothing more.

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Q: What was the purpose of part three of the Anaconda plan?
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Three part northern plan aimed towards defeating the south?

The Anaconda Plan

This called for a three-part assault on the Confederacy?

Anaconda plan

Is the Northern Blockade and the Anaconda Plan the same thing?

The blockade was one of the three elements of the Anaconda Plan. Part two was control of the Mississippi while part three was denial of the West to the Confederate States.

What was the purpose of the anaconda plan?

to smother the southern's economy like the anaconda itself squeezing its prey.

What was an important part of the Anaconda Plan?

Controlling the Mississippi river.

What were the 3 parts of the Anaconda Plan?

One important part of the Anaconda Plan was to take control of the Mississippi River. Another part was to block all ports and to take over Richmond.

How are tha anaconda plan and the anaconda different?

They are the same thing. The press drew a cartoon of an anaconda, to indicate slow strangulation, and the Union's original war-plan was then nicknamed the Anaconda Plan (or the Anaconda).

What was the Union's three part strategy for winning the Civil War?

1. capture the Mississippi river. 2.Blockade the southern ports. 3. Capture Richmond Virginia. This was known as the Anaconda plan (because it was supposed to strangle the confederacy!) The Anaconda plan was rejected as it would take too long. Later, certain aspects of Anaconda would be installed. Little credit was given to Winfield Scott's original Anaconda plan.

Lincoln's Anaconda Plan?

Anaconda Plan: a three-staged attack The North developed a complex plan to defeat the Confederacy with as little deaths as possible. This plan, consisted of three parts, a western campaign, an eastern campaign, and a naval blockade of the Southern coast. The plan was properly titled Anaconda because the North was trying to squeeze the South and divide it so that it couldn't show a united front.

What year did anaconda plan happen?

the anaconda plan happen in the 1890's.

What general conceived the Anaconda Plan?

"Fuss and Feathers" Scott authored the Anaconda Plan.

When was the anaconda plan adopted by the US?

the anaconda plan was adopted by president Abraham Lincoln in 1861

How was the strategy used by the union win the war?

well the unions plan was know as the anaconda plan. the idea was to "constrict" the south by their three way plan

What three part strategy did Lincoln use to win the war?

Lincoln used a three-part strategy known as the Anaconda Plan to defeat the Confederate States. His plan was to blockade Southern ports, seize control of the Mississippi River to divide the Confederacy in half, and to surround and attack the Confederacy on all sides.

How do you make a sentence with the word Anaconda Plan?

Even today, the importance of the Anaconda Plan is a matter of debate.

How did Floridaโ€™s geography contribute to the Unionโ€™s Anaconda Plan?


When did the anaconda plan take into action?

Part one was during the battles of fort henry and donalson

Was blockading Southern ports part of the Unions three part plan to conquer the South?

Yes. the Anaconda plan,as it is called, had these three parts: 1. Blockade southern ports 2. Cut the confederacy in half (take control of the Mississippi river) 3. Invade Virginia and capture the confederate capital (Richmond)

What was two goals of the Anaconda Plan?

The Anaconda Plan called for the blockade of all southern seaports and the control of the Mississippi.

What is the anaconda plan?

the Anaconda plan was created by the north and blocked off places where the south could get some supplies

The Anaconda Plan referred to .?

Plan by the Union military to defeat he Confederacy by surrounding it and cutting off access to any other part of the world.

What plan was used to split the confederacy?

Anaconda plan.

Union plan for strangling the south?

the anaconda plan

What was the unions plan for acheiving victory?

the anaconda plan

When was the anaconda plan created?

The Anaconda Plan was created in 1861 when the Civil War started. The plan was put into action by Lieutenant General Winfield Scott.