What was the purpose of student unrest in the 1960s?

  • The was becoming the end of an era when students fought many causes such as racism; the draft to the Vietnam War which many disagreed on. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy; Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.. The Anti-War movement was sought out by many college campuses in the U.S. in protest against the Vietnam War and the draft (forced draft.) The Kent University protest against the Vietnam War proved to be disastrous and some students were killed when the U.S. National Guard wildly opened fire of them which then inflamed the antiwar movement. For the first time in U.S. History students were beginning to question the war and their countries decisions. This thinking caused some families to separate regarding their views; it divided friend against friend and many draft dodgers came to Canada. Whether wrong or right it was the sign of the times and from the aftermath of the Vietnam War there is great cause to questions ones own government during wartime. It woke a lot of people up.
  • It was the students who were being drafted to go to a war that many didn't think we were trying to win.
  • A dissenting view is that student unrest was less about being drafted to go to war (since most Vietnam war soldiers were volunteers) than simply bored students acting out and being abetted by media coverage and cowardice by college administrations.