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Q: What was the rate of death in Italy for the black death?
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What is the death rate of Italy?


Where did the black death hit?


Italy's death rate?

it ussaly is 80s or 90s

What is the death rate in Italy?

me dont know that what u are for

When did the black death comes to Italy?


What was the death rate when the black death occurred?


When did black death spread to Italy?

The spring of 1348.

Where was the black death before it came to England?


What city in northern Italy was spared from the black death?


What region of Europe did the black death reach first?


What was the case fatality rate of the black death?


Where black death happen?

Italy and nearly everyone was buried at Black Heath, London

What was the rate of death in Australia for the black death?

Wow...I remember that. Ugh, it was horrible. I don't remember what the rate was up there though.

What was the death rate of the Black Death?

about 7162 people died each week in London

When did the black death end in Italy?

The Black Death spread through Italy from south to north in 1348. In some places it remained as late as 1352. In the north of Italy, around Milan, the outbreak is said to have been not as bad or long as it was elsewhere.

What place in England did the Black death start?

The Black Death did not start in England. It started in either southwest Asia or a port in Genoa, Italy.

What regions of Europe were affected by the black death?

england spain france italy

Where in Europe did the black death occrue?

around italy. in the southern areas of europe.

How did the black death affect the clergy?

The clergy affected the black death by the higher death rate among them, led the people to lose faith in the Church as an institution.

What is the Difference between crude death rate and actual death rate?

Death Rate is the actual rate of death where Crude Death Rate is a guess on the death rate.

What was the black death death toll in Italy?

Black Death caused millions to die. Almost 75 to 200 million people.

Projected population change by 2015 for Italy?

The current situation in Italy is that the birth rate is higher than the death rate but this gap is closing and by 2015 the death rate will be higher than the birth rate. This is not just going to happen in Italy it is a something that is happening in across Europe and the developed world. People are living longer and not having children until later in life and having less children.

What scientists think of the black death and how it started?

The Black Death, also known as the Black Plague, Plague, or Bubonic Plague, is believed to have first been carried by the Mongals and spread to Italy. Italy was pretty advanced and a center for trade, so it spread from there northward.

Was the black death in Italy?

Yes, the black death went through almost every major popluation in the world; (with the possible exception of North and South America)

How many people died in iTALY in the time of the black death?

More than 70%.