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The ratio of deaths to casualties was about 2:5.

[Note: the above answer is for battle casualties only. The ratio was well over 1:10 when including non-battle casualties (accidents, disease, psychological illness, etc.)]

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Q: What was the ratio of American deaths to casualties in World War 2?
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What is the ratio of US soldiers returning home from Iraq to number of US soldiers deaths in Iraq?

there were 4,400 casualties in the war in iraq, and about 200,000 returned home, so your ratio would be just about 50:1

What is Current world birth to death ratio?

It's about 5 births to every 2 deaths.

What is crude mortality ratio?

number of deaths by total number of deaths in a population

What was the ratio of surrviviors to casualties in the civil war?

about 6:1

What is the causes of population?

Population is the ratio of births to deaths.

What was the death ratio of Americans to Germans in world war 1?

1/13.5 but that isn't a particularly good reflection of total casualties during the war.

What is Xjawz ratio in black ops?

3,672 kills--------1,432 deaths

Was it the bloodiest war?

In the United States the Civil War and World War 2 are considered the bloodiest wars and battles. This is based not only on total death tolls but also on the amount of deaths in particular battles and the ratio of deaths to survivors.

How many children die from crosfire?

I found this at quoted in "As wars have developed in the twentieth century, the ratio of civilian deaths to military deaths has changed radically. One hundred years ago 5% of war casualties were civilians. In World War I civilian deaths were about 10%. In World War II, 65%. Tactics of modern wars have shifted casualties to 90% civilians."He continues: "More than half of these civilian casualties are children less than 14 years of age. This is only the direct casualties from bombs, bullets and landmines. Add to this indirect and long-term casualties caused by destroyed infrastructure and a fractured society, resulting in disease, starvation, homelessness, and the numbers become even grimmer. On top of this, add the long-term effects of highly toxic armaments rained down upon the victim country - Agent Orange in Vietnam, Depleted Uranium in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan - and the result is generations of suffering borne by civilians, mostly children."So roughly 50% is how I figure? Got to get back to work. Hope this helps???

What is ratio in league of legends?

This can refer to many things. Your win-to-loss ratio; kills-to-deaths in a single game; etc... It depends on the context.

Who has the best kills deaths ratio in black ops?

Dawson Harvey and Rylan Blain!

White to black ratio in America?

198,176,991 White American 39,151,870 Black American Ratio 5 : 1

What is the death ratio of Americans to Germans killed in World War 2?

418,500 Americans and 7,343,000 Germans were killed, so the ratio is about 17.5 Germans per American. Measured in only military deaths, the numbers are 407,300 American soldiers and 5,533,000 German soldiers, or about 13.6 Germans per American. (These are only total numbers, i.e. not the number of Germans killed by Americans, and vice versa, but the total amount of Germans and Americans killed respectively in WW2.) ........ If you were to look at the War in Europe as a whole (British Commonwealth, American, and Soviet forces), the German armed forces inflicted a 2:1 kill ratio. They were outnumbered 3.5:1.

What was the ratio of combat deaths to deaths by diseases in the civil war?

At least 60 to 40. maybe even more. At least 60 to 40. maybe even more.

What is a kill and death ratio on call of duty black ops?

it is the difference of kills and deaths. Example 20 and 20 would make u have a 1.00 ratio

What invasion during World War 2 inflicted the most US casualties?

The question needs to be qualified. For example, do you mean in total deaths regardless how long the duration of a particular battle, or by the ratio of casualties per total combatants. Here is one answer,the fight at BETIO , TARAWA LAGOON, cost more American lives per total combatants per square yards per hours fighting than probably any other designated landing. But there were other fights that were as fierce and smaller or larger in scope. The struggle going up the boot from south Italy was costly. The deaths from ship sinkings by submarines was also severe. By size of square yards BETIO is reputed to be the most heavily defended site. However, every battle I have studied was difficult, traumatic, fearsome,painful and sad. Darryll Salvadori

What was the kill death ratio for Canadian soldiers in World War I?

The amount of Axis Soldiers Canadian Soldiers killed in World War 1 was far greater then the Canadian deaths. The difference ( or ratio) for Canadian Soldiers was 8 - 1. For every Canadian soldiers death there were 8 more Axis kills. The 8-1 difference was the highest in World War 1.

What is the width to height ratio of American flag?

There is no legislated aspect ratio on the flag. I believe the original ratio was 10:19

How do you calculate kd mw2?

Your K/D Ratio is shown on the Kills Leaderboard next to your name. The K/D Ratio is just your total kills divided by total deaths.

What does a ratio mean on mw3?

It is a k/d ratio meaning kill to death ratio. The higher the better. So if you got 15 kills and 5 deaths your k/d would be 3. 3 kills per life.

How do you read a kill death ratio modern warfare 2?

if someone has, lets say, 1.40, they have more kills than deaths (normally about 1.0 is more kills than deaths) if they have less than 1.0 its normally more deaths than kills

What are acceptable kill ratios in war?

When "your" side has the least casualties, that's an acceptable kill ratio. If "your side" has too much (too many) casualties, then "your side" either wants "revenge" (to get even), OR leave the field altogether (quit the war).

What is the formula of maternal mortality ratio?

maternal deaths in a particular time period __________________________________ x 1,00,000 live birth in that same period

American heart association CPR compressions ratio?

American Heart Association CPR compression ratio is 30 compressions to 2 breaths. This is the ratio for Adults, Children, and Infants (lay rescuer). The compressions are given at a rate of 100/minute.

How many world war 1 casulities were from Montana?

Here's a site that gives the number 584 in their database: However, the site says: We only have records of those casualties that are buried in our cemeteries or listed on the Walls of the Missing -- a total of 33,717 records. There were 116,516 American casalties in World War I. Therefore, if you assume that the ratio is the same for every State (of course it isn't, but assume it anyway) then the number would be 2018.