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It was a divided nation.

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Q: What was the reaction at home to the Vietnam War?
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What were the homefront reactions to the Vietnam War?

The criticism of the war in Vietnam started out mainly as a conservative reaction to President Johnson

Reaction to Vietnam war?

Protesting and dodging the draft.

What was the world's reaction to the Vietnam war?

The world reacted in various different ways to the Vietnam War. For example, in the USA, some people protested the war.

What was Australia's reaction to the Vietnam war?

They sent some infantry, artillery, and a regiment of Centurion tanks to Vietnam.

What was the reaction to the Vietnam War?

Answer the Americans where split in to 2 diffrent groups por war for the war and anti-war

What was the U.S public reaction to the Vietnam war in the mid 1960s?

The Vietnam war was from 1972 to 1853, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ WOW! Whoever wrote this is a dumbwad! LOL

What was Americas Reaction to Vietnam America?

America's reaction to the war, was largely due to the draft, protests and riots.

In reaction to the growing opposition to war in Vietnam President Johnson announced in 1968 that he would?

negotiate with North Vietnam

Describe how the vietnam war affected americans at home?

The Vietnam War affected the Americans at home due to civilian loss of life, about 415,000 lives.

On what day did the US return home from the Vietnam War?

29 March 1973. SEE: Statistics on Vietnam War.

What year did Vietnam veterans have their welcome home parade?

the Vietnam war veterans welcom home parade was in 1987.

What was the Vietnamese' peoples reaction to the war in Vietnam?

they were very sad and Hungary :(

What was the western worlds reaction to the Vietnam War?

They didn't want it to escalate into a nuclear war; then they'd be involved.

Why were people objecting to the Vietnam war?

People objected to the Vietnam war as it was the first televised war and civilians at home could see the true horrors of war

What was the publics reaction with Australia and Americas involvement in the Vietnam war?

Draft protests and riots.

What are the release dates for Vietnam War Story - 1987 Home 1-2?

Vietnam War Story - 1987 Home 1-2 was released on: USA: 1987

Did the Vietnam war contradict the civil rights movement?

The Vietnam War interfered with the civil rights movement. Attention was split between the war and the domestic (home) problems.

All of the following things happened after the end of the Vietnam war EXCEPT?

Soldiers were NOT welcomed home with happiness. Soldiers that came home from the Vietnam War were called baby killers and were often spat on.

What was the US Government's reaction towards conscientious objectors during the Vietnam war?

Once engaged on a war, no way to come back.

How did the Vietnam war affect the soliers?

US servicemen returning home from Vietnam were treated with hostility, discrimination, and rejection.

In Coming House Jon Voight's paraplegic character was coming home from what war?

Vietnam War

When had the majority of Australian troops returned home from the Vietnam war?

By 1972.

Vietnam war social and domestic effects at home?

The military draft.

How many soldiers came home from the Vietnam war?

3.8 million

How did society look at a person when they came home from the Vietnam war?