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The reason the United states stayed neutral is because President Wilson wanted to protect the U.S investments

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Q: What was the reason United States stayed neutral at the start of World War 1?
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Why was the US neutral during the french revolution?

the united states stayed neutral cause both of the sides fighting were connected to the united states in many ways.

What states stayed loyal to the US during the civil war?

united states

What was the mean reason that the US stayed neutral at the start of World War 1?

They stayed neutral because Woodrow Wilson was very depressed at the time that his wife died and was very religious and didn't like killing.

Has anyone stayed a President-Elect?

In the United States no.

Did Kentucky join the confederate states after the civil war?

Kentucky stayed neutral during and after the war

Who were we fighting in the civil war?

The Condedrerates, the ones who secced for the United States and the Union, the states that stayed loyal to the United States. The confederates were in the south and the union was in the north.

Did neutral states stay neutral in the civil war?

Only one state was allowed to stay neutral, and that wasn't for long. It was Kentucky - one of the four Border states that were allowed to continue practising slavery for the duration of hostilities. But it was on condition that they stayed loyal.

Which had control of the greater number of states the Confederate states or the United states?

The United States had control the greater number of states. The Confederacy was always outnumbered, because four slave states had stayed loyal to the Union.

Why did the US join World War 2 late?

Because it was not until the US Fleet was attacked at Pearl Harbor that the US had just cause to declare war.The united states didnt want to get involbed so the stayed neutral

What country has stayed neutral throughout history?


What were the border states that kept neutral during the civil war?

During the American Civil War there were five states which stayed neutral and were given the name "border" states. They were called border states because they each bordered a free state and were aligned with the union. The five border states were Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, and West Virginia.

What is a union soldier?

Someone who served in the Union army, that is, the Northern part of the United States that stayed loyal, not the Confederates.

What did three of the big four members from World War 1 wish to obtain that the United States stayed out of?


Who was America in war with in the Civil War?

The war was between the US states that withdrew(seceded) from the federal union of the United States and those who stayed in the union.

Why has Switzerland stayed so neutral?

They were the banks for Germany in WW11

People who take no side in the revolutionary war stayed were?


What where three reasons the us stayed out of World War 2 so long?

The United States had a strong history for being isolationists-especially in the first world war. The United States also wasn't militarily strong enough to defend itself against either the Germans or the Japanese! The other primary reason was the United States was still dealing with the Great Depression and was too focused on domestic policy, not foreign policy.

Which confederate states bordered at least one union state?

The confederate states that bordered the union states varied by time, as some states changed sides or became neutral. Virginia was the only one that stayed the same, bordering Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Fascist leader of Spain who stayed neutral during the war?


Which countries stayed neutral during world war 2?


What scandinavean country stayed neutral since the early 1800?


What did the Irish do in World War 2?

Ireland stayed a neutral country.

How did Pearl Harbor lead to the US involvement in World War 2?

The bombing of Japan in Hawaii made the U.S. mad. The United States stayed completely neutral and out of the war until they were automatically put in the war because of Japan. The U.S. went into the war 2 days after Pearl Harbor and stayed in it, with the allied powers, until Hitler and the axis powers surrendered completely.

Is it true that the US stayed neutral during world war 1?

The US remained neutral until April 1917

Which four border states could have gone either North or South?

Missouri Kentucky Maryland Delaware All of them were "slave states" that stayed in the Union for one reason or another.