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Answer {Simple Less Information, but answers question}Vietnam started a war of independence with French colonial forces before WWII. The war was continued with and against US forces when France withdrew from the country in the 1950s and US forces took their place. US forces replaced French forces because of a so-called 'domino theory' of Communist expansion. {Advanced Information, for a better answer}


There are really two questions to be asked:

1) What was the reason for the Vietnam War

2) Why did it end the way it did

The U.S. is serious about assisting its allies in times of trouble. Our allies at the time, the South Vietnamese Government, requested assistance in repelling communist aggression from the North and communist sympathizers inside of South Vietnam itself (the Viet Cong). Communist expansion was also of great concern to the U.S. Government. We were in the midst of the cold war with the world's other super powers, the Soviet Union and Communist China. These two countries were backing their allies with funding, military training, and armaments to fight the U.S. and its allies...never becoming directly involved themselves. That is, troops on the ground, other than those serving in an advisory capacity. For example, the Soviet Union provided advisors and training to the North Vietnamese in the use of SAM sites (surface-to-air missiles) to protect themselves from U.S. bombing raids, training pilots in the use of the Soviet MIG aircraft to intercept U.S. aircraft on bombing missions, etc.

Certainly, within the walls of the U.S. Government, there were many other reasons to move ahead with its involvement, self-serving and otherwise. In the end, the U.S. Government failed in its attempts to keep the South free from communist oppression. This was largely due to weak willed and self-serving politicians who cared more about the small but loud American anti-war movement amongst mostly liberal college professors, their idealistic, gullible students, and left-wing agitators who wanted nothing more than to see the destruction of the "establishment", as they called it.

The politicians were also more concerned about their re-elections, as is always the case with politicians. The politicians also prevented the military from utilizing many basic battle strategies, like a sustained bombing of enemy re-supply routes, etc. When public pressure was applied, the politicans would fold. Never-the-less, with all of the limiting rules of engagement that were heaped upon the U.S. military, the armed forces on the ground and in the air soundly beat the enemy in every major military operation.

The U.S. could have forced the North to surrender after the failed 1968 Tet Offensive. This fact was made public in the memoirs of General Giap, the North Vietnamese Military Commander. Giap admitted in his memoirs that news media reporting of the war and the antiwar demonstrations that ensued in America surprised him. Instead of negotiating what he called a "conditional surrender," Giap said they would now go the limit because America's resolve was weakening and the possibility of complete victory was within Hanoi's grasp. Being the first major "television war," Americans watched the carnage in horror and concluded (incorrectly) that it was a military disaster for America. One of America's most trusted newsmen, CBS's Walter Cronkite, even appeared for a standup piece with distant fires as a backdrop. Donning a helmet, Cronkite declared the war lost. This is all General Giap needed to hear. All the NVA needed to do at this point was to hang on just a little longer. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Q: What was the reason for the Vietnam War?
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Resisting communism and establishing a free Republic of South Vietnam was "the" reason for the war in Vietnam.

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The Vietnam war was one of the more dangerous wars in recent history. In addition, there was very little reason to enter the war.

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the reason was the people in the united states don't want to spread the communism in the south Vietnam

What was the reason for Vietnam war?

To fight off communism!

Reason for invading Vietnam?

Part of the cold war.

What is the reason the Vietnam war starting?

Communist aggression.

What were the reason of the Vietnam war?

to prevent communisism from spreading

Did Cold War occur After Vietman War?

No the Cold War was the reason why the Vietnam War happened.

What was the main reason US entered the Vietnam War?

Part of the cold war.

What was the main reason the U.S. was involved in the Vietnam war?

Cold war.

Did Vietnam splitting up effect Vietnam?

The split occurred in 1954, and was part of the reason for the war.

What main reason was the Vietnam war was caused?

The "Tongkin incident" was the reason the USA openly started a war against north vietnam. The north vietnames allegedly attacked a USA navy ship.

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to stop a civil war from happenin

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We asked, they came.

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Vietnam was the second hot battle of the cold war (Communism VS the free world). Korea was the first.

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it is because they did not support the war effort and felt there was no real reason to be there

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The vietnamese fighters were not fighting a traditional war.

What was Americas reason for getting involved in the war?

To prevent South Vietnam from being conquered by Communist North Vietnam.

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No. The Vietnam War and WW2 were fought for different reason. The Vietnam War was fought to stop the spread of Communism while WW2 was fought to stop Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

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The military draft was the real MAIN reason for the protests.

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contain communism

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The reason the United States entered into a war in Vietnam was to keep the Communists from North Vietnam and the Soviet Union from taking over South Vietnam. The war quickly spread to other countries in the area like Laos and Cambodia.

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No - he has no conceivable reason to want another war of any kind.

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US citizens became tired of the war.

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