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What was the reason for the framers or founding fathers to make the US Constitution?


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There were several reasons, but primarily it was that The Articles of Confederation were ineffective and provided for no real central government. It was similar to a Mayor/Council city government in which the Mayor is the ranking member of the City Council, but has no real Mayoral authority. Many of the States ended up owing large amounts of money to the Confederation after the Revolutionary War, and during the war it was hard for the Confederation to enforce troop quotas from the States let alone get money from them. The government under The Articles of Confederation ran pretty much like it would today if the Congress (The Senate and House of Representatives) alone were the Government. I have read 'The Federalist Papers'(by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay under pseudonymns) twice, but if another perspective is desired, there is the counter-point in 'The Anti-Federalist Papers' as well. There was a lot of oppostion to a strong central government, and that's one of the reasons they made such a strong effort to ensure there were checks and balances on each branch of the government to prevent aristocratic and tyrannical forms from ascending to power. That is the reason The House of Representatives and one third of The Senate are elected (or re-elected) every two years, a President every four, and Supreme Court and other Federal Judges appointed for life on 'good behavior'. These are only a few, but 'The Federalist Papers' is a very good source of more information,reasoning and rationale. The copy I have includes The Declaration of Independance, The Articles of Confederation, and The Constitution with all the Amendements, and a comprehensive subject index.


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what was the reason why the founding father might have been influceed by the iroquois constitution.

The reason the founding fathers chose Philadelphia as the location for the constitution convention was because it was right in the middle of the original colonies and it was the most convenient place for it to take place.

the founding fathers started the constitution with "We the people..." for a reason. this was to remind us that the people chose who they want to run the country. so your answer would probably be, "WHOEVER THE PEOPLE CHOOSE"

They should not be limited since the Constitution gave us these rights and if they have to be limited there has to be an amendment. If not they can not be limited or changed. Our founding fathers gave us these rights for a reason!

They were disgruntled with the unfairness they had experienced with England's monarchy.

The preamble is meant to explain why our government was made public by the Framers of the constitution. It helps understand the reason behind writing the constitution.

The framers of the US Constitution knew that changes would need to be made in the future. For this reason, Article V outlines the procedure to be used when Amendments became necessary.

The Constitution is amended because times change.As new things happen, you have to update the foundation.Like slavery and women's rights, the founding fathers couldn't set anything protecting women's rights or abolishing slavery because of the time they lived in.

The reason the founding fathers prohibited the title of nobility is a replusion for the English monarchy. Remember, they had just successfully became independent from England and King George was not exactly a celebrity.

Ahh, finally, an actually educated answer. The main reason writers of the constitution include this provision was to spread power so it is not one, very strong central government. The founding fathers did not want to be like England.

The founding fathers could have been arrested for treason anytime up until Britain recognized their country. Many did lose family, lands and business due to their involvement in trying to start the new country. Some ended up living away from their families for years, due to the work they were doing. Another reason for admiration is the depth of knowledge and thought they brought to writing the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The men who wrote the constitution believed in separation of church and state. They had lived under a state religion and wanted to make sure that people had freedom of religion. When a state sets a religion they discriminate against other religious groups that are organized. The constitution prevents this from happening and the United States is secular for a reason.

Thomas Paine. "The Age of Reason" Thomas Jefferson and Franklin also deserve to be mentioned I suppose

The Framers didn't want the Constitution being changed on a regular basis for any other reason aside from one of the utmost importance. As a result, while there is an involved process, with mandatory approval required from the different houses of Congress, amending the Constitution is possible if needed.

This is one reason among many: the founding fathers realized that the Articles of Confeneration had a serious drawback regarding its mechanism of change to itself. In order for the articles to be amended, all states had to agree to the change. There were also problems with the authority of the articles to enforce its own provisions, and too much ambiguity around the individual state rights to engage in some economic, monetary and international activities.

They did this in case a president or public official broke the law and there would be a set procedure to handle it.

The framers of the Constitution made impeachment difficult so that no one could impeach their leader on a whim. It requires a significant reason and semi-lengthy process to remove the president from office. Therefore, the process should not be a convenient way to dominate the executive branch. With that in mind, the Framers made it more difficult than the impeachment process of the UK.

Framers opposed a direct democracy for many reasons. The most important reason is because they were afraid of the rule of a majority.

A major reason for the founding of the Maryland colony was to create a refuge for the Catholics.

The reason for the founding of New Hampshire was for farming. The New England colony was founded in 1692 by John Mason.

Scott was not granted his freedom. The reason given was that the Constitution declared a man's property to be sacred, and that the Founding Fathers would have classified slaves as property. The Court also said that a black man was not the sort of person who ought to be suing a white man in the first place.

The strongest would be the Rationalist ideas. Also known as the Enlightenment period or the Age of reason, it was out of this philosophy that the idea of human beings having inherent rights came from.

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