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There were many different reasons for people moving west in the 1870s. For example, many farmers moved on to greener pastures.

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One of the reasons people moved out west was because of the Gold Rush. Also known as the "California Dream".

some reasons why people wanted to move west was because of rich farm land. also because out west there was a lot of cattle so the more cattle the more trading which also means more money!

the pioneers moved west to expand their land

Yes they did, people moved west for many reasons; for adventure, new land, to search for wealth, new life/starting over. There are lots of reasons.

free land (oklahoma land run) and gold (gold rush)

One of the reasons is because of the California Gold Rush. Another reason is to get free land.

There was government incentive to move west. Generally speaking, the government would pay individuals to take land in the west. This was attractive to many of the lower and working classes, allowing for the beginning of the formation of a kind of agrarian middle class.

The technology that allowed people to move to the west would be the railroad such as the First Transcontinental Railroad.

lots of reasons. one for gold. two for religious freedom. three fertile farmland. there are lots more but that is three.

The reasons the Chinese moved to the West was because they wanted to become farmers and start over in a new place.

the 3 reasons are Money,land,&fredom

They helped people to move west. This helped with the growth that was seen out west because people could get out there more quickly.

Because as more people move in to the east, there were fewer pelts to be had. They contiuned to move west to open areas with lots of game.

Many people had heard of the rich land to farm there and it was cheap to buy. People like the Mormons wanted religious freedom. Still, some people were just looking for adventure.

Because Boone want more room so he move west and, when more people came with him he move west

they moved west for mining because thats were most people were etting the gol

Why did the fourty-niners move west? They moved west for land, some people say for slavery, gold, or manifest destiny

Americans Moved West in 1849 Because : (Three Major Reasons)They would get FREE land from OklahomaThey went to California to get goldAnd they could Transport things easier Because of the Transcontinental RailroadIn addition, the government bribed the people with land by utilizing the Homestead Act in 1862.

The gold rush made people want to move west because they thought they would have a better life in California.

Lots of people moved west because there was a lot of land available and the economy out West was better. People also moved because there were lots of jobs out West.

so they dont have to be forced.

you can ask you mom or dad for the answer

for the weather and beauty and climate

They did not. Most people tried to escape east Berlin, and get to West Berlin or West Germany.

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