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Hitler, fearing another two front war as in World War 1 conducted the Non-Agression Pact. This pact made both Germany and Russia neutral between one another and they both shared the lands of occupied Poland. This concealed the true incentive of Hitler, who used the pact to enshroud his conquest of Russia and give the country's occupants a false sense of security. Alligning with Slavs, mere "subhumans" was out of the question in real terms. Afterwards, he broke the pact and attacked Russia in Operation Barbarossa which literally meant defeat for Germany and it's "Aryan" people.

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What was Finland in World War 2 Axis Neutral or Allies?

they were against the USSR. So, when the USSR was with Germany, then Finland was on its own, then when the USSR was against Germany, Finland allied with Germany. Then when Finland surrendered to the USSR for a second time, Finland had to declare war on Germany.

What were the leading country's in world war 2?

The Allies: US, USSR, China, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. The Axis: Germany, Japan, and Italy.

What happen in Germany after 2nd world war?

Germany was partitioned by USA,Britain, and the USSR

Who were enemies of Poland in World War 2?

Germany and USSR

Who was invaded by Germany after World War 2?

USSR and america

Who fought in the operation barbarossa in World War 2?

Germany and USSR

Why Britain allied with USSR in World War 2?

Britain was desperate to hold off Germany and when Germany declared war on the USSR, Britain was quick to offer aid.

Was Belarus part of the allies in World War 2?

Not actually. It was over run by the Germans when they invaded Poland. Before that they were part of the USSR. The USSR was an ally of Germany until it was invaded by Germany. The USSR then fought against Germany but it really wasn't an ally either.

How did the USSR win World War 2?

The USSR didn't win World War 2 on its own. It needed the combined forces of the USSR, US and the British Empire to defeat Nazi Germany.

Was Russia controlled or gained by Germany during World War 2?

Parts of the USSR (Russia) were occupied by Germany during the war, but at no point did Germany formally annex or obtain any part of the USSR.

What country used women in battle in World War 2?

Germany and USSR

What country departed from World War 1 by Germany in late 1917?


Which country signed a nonaggression with Germany prior to World War 2?


The US and the USSR fought as allies in the world 2 because?

Because the US and USSR shared a common enemy. Germany invaded the USSR in June, 1941, and in December, 1941 Germany declared war on the US. My enemy's enemy is my friend.

How the USSR entered World War 2?

USSR entered WWII on 22 june, 1941, when Germany military forces attacked USSR without formal declaration of war.

What nation had the highest military budget in 1938?

In 1938 there were seven world powers, These included Japan, Italy, Germany, USSR, UK, France and the USA. The world power with the highest level of military expenditures was Germany. Hitler invested approximately $7,4 billion. The next highest was the USSR with $5.4 billion. Looking back, it's now seen that Germany and the USSR were placing themselves on a war minded agenda. The five other great world powers were not even close to Germany and the USSR in military spending.

What form of government was adopted in Italy Germany and the USSR after World War 1?

Italy and Germany established an authoritarian government. The USSR, though I'm not 100% positive, had a somewhat democratic government.

Who did the triple alliance go against in World War 1?

USSR Germany and Italy

Which countries invaded germany during World War 2?


What was Finland's involvement in World War 2?

It was invaded by Germany in the winter wars with the USSR...

What were 3 countries that fought against Germany in World War1?

France, USA and USSR.

What nations participated in the division of Germany after World War 2?

Notably , the US and the USSR .

How did the USSR defeated Nazi Germany in World War 2?

They use guns and tanks

What city was cut in half by USSR after World War 2?

The city of Berlin, in Germany.

What counrties are opponents or allies of Germany during world war two?

Allies of Germany- Japan and Italy and at the beginning(until Germany foolishly atacked ussr during the winter,) Ussr(Axis Powers)Opponents - UK, USA, France

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