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Christianity was the religion in England in 1666. However, the Anglican Church of England was the ruling religious entity of the time.

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What religion was England in 1666?


Who was the queen of England in the year 1666?

Catherine of Braganza, the wife of Charles II, was the Queen of England in 1666 although not in her own right.

What was the currency in 1666 England?

The currency of England since before 1200AD has been the Pound.

Was William Penn a member of the Church of England?

Yes until he became a Quaker in 1666.

What was the original religion in England?

Catholic was the original religion in England.

What is the fraction of 1666?

fraction of 1666 = 1666/1

What is Jamestowns religion?

The 106 men were from England and the Church of England was the primary religion of England in 1607.

What is the cultural religion of England?

The Church of England (the Anglican Church) is the official state religion of England.

What was the main religion in England in the 1600s?

tianity was the main religion of England

How does religion affect business in England?

how does religion affect business in England

What people wore in Stuart England 1666?

it is the same as today : ) goodbye people who read this thing!

What is england major religion practiced?

England major practiced religion is Protestantism.

What was the main religion in medieval England?

The main religion in medieval England was Catholicism

What is the main religion in England?

The Church of England - a branch of Christianity. England has a state religion--the Anglican Church. 75% of English residents belong to this religion.

What is the religion in southern England?

The Anglican church is the state religion of the UK which includes England.

What numbers are divisible by 1666?

Multiples of 1666, like 1666, 3332, 4998 and so on.

Traditional religion in England?

The oficial English religion is The Church of England and its leader is the Monarch of Britain.

What religion was practiced in Jamestown?

The 106 men were English and by 1607 the religion of England was the Church of England.

1666 G F of L?

1666, GF of L, yes, what about it? Great Fire of London was in 1666.

Religion in England in the 1600?

The official religion of the state was the Church of England but as this was a relatively new religion there were probably still as many Catholics in the country.

What is 1666 written in roman numbers?

1666 = MDCLXVI

Which century is the year 1666 in?

1666 is in the 17th century.

Was 1666 a leap year?

1666 was not a leap year.

Dominant religion of England?

Anglican, Church Of England.

The official religion in England?

Church of England (Anglican)

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