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Oliver Cromwell Was a puritan.

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Q: What was the religion of Oliver Cromwell?
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What religion was oliver cromwell?

Oliver cromwell committed puritan and protestant beliefs.

What religion did oliver cromwell believe in?

Oliver was a Strong Puritain

What was oliver cromwell view of religion?

it was strict

Why did Oliver Cromwell ban Dancing?

because oliver believed it was against his religion and that it was sinfull

How can you use oliver cromwell in a sentence?

Oliver Cromwell was a famous man. Oliver Cromwell lived many years ago. Oliver Cromwell is dead.

Who is the father of oliver cromwell?

the father of Oliver Cromwell is Robert Cromwell

What did Oliver Cromwell bann?

Oliver Cromwell banned all Christmas activities

Oliver cromwell considered England under Charles I as full of what traits.?

oliver cromwel didnt like the practices of what religion?

What was led by Oliver cromwell?

oliver cromwell leaded the puritans well he was head of that religion and he leadewd the roundheads in the english civil war against charles the first not sure what year but it did happen

why did Oliver Cromwell start religious wars?

because oliver cromwell was a very strong puritan so changed laws to suit his religion this caused war wit other religions :)

What problems did oliver cromwell have Parliament?

what problems did oliver cromwell have with parliament

What is Oliver Cromwell real name?

Oliver Cromwell was his real name

Is Oliver Cromwell related to Thomas Cromwell?

Thomas Cromwell was related to Oliver Cromwell as his great, great, great uncle.

Did Oliver Cromwell have any children?

Robert Cromwell Oliver Cromwell Bridget Cromwell Richard Cromwell, Lord Protector Henry Cromwell, Lord Deputy of Ireland Elizabeth Cromwell Mary Cromwell Frances Cromwell

Who was the predecessor to Charles II?

It was Oliver Cromwell and before Oliver Cromwell it was Charles I.

When was Oliver Cromwell born?

Oliver Cromwell was born on April 25, 1599.

Where is the statue of oliver cromwell?

The statue of Oliver Cromwell was built in Westminster, London.

When did Oliver Cromwell Applegate die?

Oliver Cromwell Applegate died in 1938.

When was Oliver Cromwell Applegate born?

Oliver Cromwell Applegate was born in 1845.

What were Oliver Cromwell position on issues of religion and power?

No tenia plata pa la chala.

Who was Oliver Cornwall and what did he do?

Oliver Cromwell?

Were did Oliver Cromwell go to school?

Oliver Cromwell attended Huntigdon Grammar School.

Who sculpted oliver cromwell statue?

Hamo Thornycroft sculpted Oliver Cromwell statue

Who was oliver cromwell against in the civil war?

oliver cromwell was against King James I

How did Oliver Cromwell attempt to deliver his form of government to the English?

what was oliver cromwell attemping to answer