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What was the religion of the First Fleet?

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The people of the First Fleet were mostly (about 90%) made up of Anglicans, with around 9% being Catholics and another 1% smaller minority Christian denominations.

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When the First Fleet came to Australia what was it known as?

The First Fleet was known as the First Fleet when it came to Australia.

What is the Australia First Fleet called?

The First Fleet.

What was the name of the first fleet?

There was no specific name for the First Fleet of convicts to Australia. It was simply known as the "First Fleet".

Was there any mutiny on the first fleet?

No. There was no mutiny on the first fleet.

When did they arrive first fleet?

When did the first fleet arriv in Australia

How many sheep were there on the First Fleet?

According to the website First Fleet Fellowship, there were 44 sheep on board the First Fleet.

Who was the queen of the first fleet?

There was no Queen of the First Fleet. The First Fleet carried convicts and marines to New South Wales.

What was the first port of call for the first fleet?

what was the first portof call for the first fleet

Why was the first fleet called the First Fleet?

It was named because it was literally the first fleet of ships to arrive in Australia with settlers. Later fleets were similarly designated with their number such as Second Fleet and Third Fleet.

Is the First Fleet still alive?

The first fleet was never alive. It was a fleet of ships. The last known person who was aboard the First Fleet died during the 1860s.

Who built the First Fleet in Australia?

The First Fleet was not something that was built. The First Fleet was the fleet in which the first permanent settlers travelled to Australia, and it was made up of convicts, marines and officers from England.

What was the first fleet of ships called that landed in australia?

The first fleet of ships that landed in Australia was simply called the First Fleet.

Where were they headed to first for the First Fleet?

The first stop for the First Fleet was Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Did the First Fleet have a flagship?

The flagship of the first fleet was HMS Sirius.

Where did the people from the First Fleet come from?

The people on the First Fleet were from England and Ireland.

What was the leading ship of the first fleet?

The leading ship of the First Fleet was the Sirius.

From which port did the First Fleet depart?

The First Fleet departed from Portsmouth in England.

What are prisoners called on the first fleet?

The prisoners on the First Fleet were known as convicts.

How many sailors were in the First Fleet?

There were about 759 convicts which sailed on the First Fleet!

Why did the First Fleet stop at Tenerife?

The first fleet stopped at Tenerife for supplies.

Is Pandora in the First Fleet?

No. None of the ships of the First Fleet was named the Pandora.

Did any captains die in the first fleet?

No. No captains died on the First Fleet.

What was the name of the cat on the first fleet?

fleet foot

From where did the the First Fleet sail?

The First Fleet departed from Portsmouth, England, in May 1787.

What was the flag on the ships in the First Fleet?

The ships of the First Fleet carried the British flag.