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What was the religon of colonial New York?


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the religion of new york was laocism. the religion of new york was laocism.


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What were some contributions of Colonial New York

Everyone was taxed in colonial new york. :)

A celebration in colonial New York was New Years Eve. A fun thing that people did in colonial New York was go to the theater.

Colonial New York was named after the King of England's brother, the Duke of York.

Colonial New York does.

education in colonial new york wasn't that important

RELIGION WAS VERY IMPORTANT in colonial New York!!!!!!!

The population in New York in colonial times was diverse.

The government of colonial New York resided in a governor and an elected assembly.

the geographic characteristics of the colonial of New York is that you LOOK IT UP

In the Colonial times, New York was called New York. The piece of land New York was on was given to the Duke of York as payment for a debt. Naturally, the Duke named it New York.

The people of colonial New York drink mostly tea and water.

The first people to come to Colonial New York were the Quakers. The Quakers stopped in New York before moving on to Pennsylvania.

where is colonial new yorks location

New York, what dreams are made of

Colonial New York consisted of present day New York boundaries plus present day Vermont. Major cities were New York and Albany.

There is no set America there is religious freedom to worship and/or believe whatever or however you wish.

some famous people who lived in colonial new york were henry sloughter first governer of new york colony,

Colonial New York had a very similar climate to today's. See the related question for that description.

Women's roles in Colonial New York were very different than their English counterparts. The women of colonial New York were Dutch and were able to work, run businesses, and own property.

The did not have freedom. It was hard because the Quakers were controling there religon and it was not right

In the stories of colonial New York by Washington Irving, colonial New York had apple orchards. New York City in colonial times had mills to grind flour and iron to make plows. Farms in the area grew flax and hemp.

The trial of John Peter Zenger was an important event in colonial New York.

How does livingston manor help to make a living in colonial new york

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