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Becket was made a saint, Henry II repented, and the Church remained independent of the state, tax free, and able to run its own courts.

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What was the date of thomas beckets death?

29th December 1170

Who was to blame for thomas beckets death?

the knights because they should of known that the king got in to tantrums!

What was thomas beckets job?

he was the arcbishop of canterburry

What caused beckets death?


Was Henry II good?

well i suppose he was okay but he was the cause of thomas beckets death so that kinda makes him drop a level... :D

What was the date of thomas beckets murder?

December 29, 1170

Why were the knights to blame for beckets death?

beacuse they killed him

What date is thomas beckets birthday?

21 December and was born in 1118

How are thomas Beckett and geoffery chaucer connected?

Geoffery Chaucer wrote a book called Canterbury tales about people travvelling to thomas beckets shrine. Geoffery Chaucer wrote a book called Canterbury tales about people travvelling to thomas beckets shrine.

Who was Richard brito in 1170?

Richard brito was the knight who killed thomas becket(archbishop of Canterbury) in 1170 he sliced the top of beckets head then with the tip of his sword took out beckets brains.

What were some of thomas beckets major life accomplishments?

when he was crowned Archbishop of Canterbury by Henry II

What were the consequences of beckets death?

Becket made christians realise ow horrible the king was.

What did King Henry chose Thomas Beckets to be?

Henry II chose Thomas Becket to be Chancellor (1155-1162) and then ABp of Canterbury (1162-1170)

What was the knights reaction to beckets death?

There reaction was what have we done and they ran to blame Henry x x x

What were Henry and Thomas Beckets quarreling about?

Henry wanted to judge criminals in the royal court but Thomas Becket wanted to judge the peasents in the church court so it was more fair.

When was Death of Kelly Thomas born?

Death of Kelly Thomas was born in 1974.

When did Death of Kelly Thomas die?

Death of Kelly Thomas died in 2011.

How did King Henry react to Thomas Beckets death?

King Henry didn't won't his guards to kill Thomas Becket but he said the line "Will no-one raid me of this troublesome priest!" in a jokey sort of way but his guards herd him and went to kill Becket. The king was ashamed of what he said and walked out bare foot and in rags and let people thow stones at him because he was so upset.

Was thomas beckets death caused by the bishops?

Some violent words of Henry were taken literally by four leading knights of the court, who proceeded swiftly to Canterbury (December 29), forced themselves into the Archbishop's presence, and, on his refusal to absolve the bishops, followed him into the cathedral. There, at twilight, after further altercation, they cut him down with their swords. His last words were an acceptance of death in defense of the church of Christ.

Why was the king to blame for thomas beckets murder?

The king was to blame for Thomas Becket's murder because he told the knights to kill Thomas but the knights didn't had to do what he said but they did and hit Thomas in the head and killed him. Also Thomas told the monks to leave the door open so the monks did. Also the king shouldn't have wanted to kill him anyway and the Knights had to obey the kings orders

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Why did the pilgrims travel to Canterbury?

Canterbury always had religious significance as a place of pilgrimage. However, after the death of Thomas Becket, his canonization by Pope Alexander and his elevation to sainthood, its popularity was assured. At Beckets death, locals collected cloth soaked with his blood. To touch or be touched by the blood reputedly cured blindness, epilepsy and all other ills. As this became known throughout the kingdom, Canterbury became THE place of pilgrimage.

Why would pilgrims have gone to visit beckets shrine at canturbury?


What problem did Thomas Edison had?

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When did Henry Thomas - suspected combustion death - die?

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